Around the Oval — Finals Week Edition: A Graduating Senior's Top Five Study Spots

By Jimmy Longo on December 11, 2017 at 3:35 pm
Ohio State University

With it being finals week, I decided to pivot and give my perspective on some of the hottest but underrated places to prepare for exams around campus. Somehow, someway I'm getting my degree in three and a half years on Sunday, which means I'm viable now.

5. Any Random Classroom Building

During my time at Ohio State, my go-to spot whenever in doubt or not being able to find any place was always to just go to a random classroom building. Find a room without class going on, and camp.

My best suggestions as to where?

McPherson Laboratory has a ton of open classrooms, Smith Labs the same. They even have this open area with a rocket ship in the middle with four desks on four sides of it if you're lucky. Hopkins Hall doesn't have a ton of classrooms per se for academic study versus art studios, but the open concept they have at the front entrance is pretty calming.

4. the 11th Floor of Thompson

I must say, I'm not a huge 11th floor guy. It's got its allure — the views, chairs and tables to prop your legs up on are all nice. But I'm not going up there if it's any time after five this week. It's too dark and the outlets are conveniently nowhere near the window seats.

Save the 11th floor for an early-morning cram sesh when the morning light is shining through. Sit at the tables that have the nearest access to the unevenly distributed outlets throughout the floor. If you're trying to procrastinate later and need a comfortable spot to watch a James Bond movie, then sit in the window chairs. 

3. The Scholars Room; Thompson Library

Need a place that makes you look intelligent but can also make you look like you don't belong? This study room on the fourth floor of Thompson Library can surely help with that.

The door to enter the room is a push, not pull, and that might be the most mind-numbing thing. There are couches and chairs and desks and most importantly outlets, but no lie it's very scary when you're not a scholar like myself and you walk up to a room and think it's locked at first.

This room faces West Campus and overviews the soccer fields and the towers where young intern David rules the halls. 

2. Curl Market Second Floor

This one is pretty new considering Curl Market has been built since the time that I've been here — but the second floor of Curl is a very low-key study area. One room faces College Rd. right by the intersection of Woodruff and has a wide open viewing space but not too much to the point that a clear day is going to make your computer screen unreadable.

The second room the right is just a wide open area with a ton of open round tables to the point that if you really don't want to be bothered, no one will be within a country mile of you unless they think you're cute.

Grab sushi and a freestyle drink and stay until they make you leave.

 1. The architecture library; Knowlton Hall

Have you ever been in Thompson and had hard time finding a desk, or just generally think it's overly warm in the place? Yeah, me too. Head over to the school of architecture library for the prime real estate of campus study spots.

With it being, you know, in the school of architecture, the design and layout of the setup is pretty aesthetically pleasing. East and west tables of desks with a ton of natural light and good spots near outlets when you have rangy laptop battery power.

If you get their super early and you aren't afraid to hurt some feelings, the second floor of the library has three wooden tables that overlook the second floor with windows to your left and right.

I genuinely wish that I had more time at Ohio State. More papers to fill with words and more online quizzes to do at the last minute, and being able to use the architecture library is one of those reasons. It's a hidden gem.

So tomorrow, one last time, I'm going to head over to Knowlton Hall, throw together an essay on the evolution of business in spectator sport, turn on some Nick Cave and Warren Ellis Pandora and everything will magically get done.

It's been real, Ohio State.

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