Eleven Dubcast: Andy Anders Joins to Discuss Ohio State's 63-10 Win Over WKU, Kyle McCord on the Rise, and What to Expect Against Notre Dame

By George Eisner on September 19, 2023 at 2:53 pm
Quarterback Kyle McCord of the Ohio State Buckeyes
Kyle McCord

"Hardest home game for Ohio State this season," George said!

After the Buckeyes whomped WKU to the tune of a 63-10 final score this past weekend, the Eleven Dubcast reconvenes to sing the praises of firmly-entrenched starter Kyle McCord and the rest of OSU's playmakers on each side of the football.

Or it would, but Johnny Ginter tragically has fallen under the weather this week. So instead, 11W beat reporter Andy Anders will fill in to provide front-line perspective!

Additionally, the Dubcast discussion also covers:

  • No movement in the AP Poll for Ohio State after such a dominant showing, fair or foul?
  • Ask Us Anything! — writers to dubcast@elevenwarriors.com this week inquired about many topics related to the upcoming game with Notre Dame, such as how many passing yards will McCord finish with?
  • Penn State closer with Illinois than the margin of victory indicates, are they a legit top 10 team this season?
  • J.J. McCarthy's goofy night with Bowling Green nearly included an interception on a flea flicker.
  • Will Iowa run away with the B1G West at this rate?
  • Johnny and George correctly predicted last episode that the statement Mel Tucker put out would expedite his downfall at MSU.
  • The SEC has some stank on it, does Nick Saban appear to be getting soft based on his media interactions?

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