Eleven Dubcast: Ohio State Has a Loaded 2020's Out of Conference Schedule, and We Couldn't Be Happier

By Johnny Ginter on June 23, 2020 at 2:50 pm
Nick Saban, ready to lose again

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One of the great things about the College Football Playoff is that it has forced schools like Alabama to reckon with the New Math of football scheduling; no longer can the Tide be content with waxing their division, no, now they have to take their show on the road to prove to the playoff committee that they deserve to be in the CFP in spite of a truly assy division that reveals nothing but Saban's contempt for anyone standing in his way.

So: enter the Crimson Tide! This week on the Dubcast we talk about our favorite marquee matchups, what the future holds in Ohio State's out of conference schedule, and whether or not we'll even have a chance to check it out once the fall rolls around (I'm not optimistic!).

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19:04 I'm sliding into pessimism about the 2020 football season, but this time it isn't our fault!

33:05 Eddie stomping Notre Dame's face in the mud was *chef's kiss*

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