If Big Ten Cancels Fall Sports, Scott Frost Says Nebraska Could Look For Other Options to Play Football

By Kevin Harrish on August 10, 2020 at 3:42 pm
Scott Frost

As rumors swirl that the Big Ten is on the verge of canceling or postponing its football season, many began to speculate whether some Big Ten programs that don't support the move might look for other avenues to play the season, perhaps with other conferences.

Nebraska head coach Scott Frost added fuel to that fire on Monday, saying he believes Nebraska would pursue other options if the conference does elect to suspend football season this fall.

Of course, Frost does not have the authority to carry this out, and it's unlikely to mean Nebraska's long-term removal from the Big Ten, but it could hint at the broader intentions of the Nebraska athletic program.

Nebraska was reportedly one of two Big Ten programs to report it was comfortable moving forward with a football season as conditions currently stood, along with Iowa.

Source: @mitchsherman

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