Skull Session: Carmen's Crew Will Return, Miyan Williams Was Dominant in 2021, and Ezekiel Elliott Has Topped the NFL

By Kevin Harrish on July 13, 2022 at 5:30 am
Miyan Williams is very good in today's skull session.

The Reds are complete ass this season, but at least I have this:

And all it took was a bases-loaded hit by pitch to start the rally.

Word of the Day: Morass.

 THEY'LL BE BACK. We *should* be getting ready to watch our favorite collection of former Ohio State hoopsters compete in the TBT this weekend, but Carmen's Crew is taking a brief hiatus this year.

But never fear, Jared Sullinger says the team will be back next year – with an even younger roster.

After playing in Sunday’s Kingdom Summer League at Ohio Dominican University, Sullinger said they were scrambling to finalize a roster before realizing they would have to turn their focus ahead a year.

“We have a lot of guys that was playing a lot of minutes overseas and at the time we was scrambling to try to get enough guys to make a full roster and we couldn’t do it at the moment,” Sullinger said. “We’re going to expand our time and look forward to the next year.”


Now, the plan is to return in 2023 but potentially with a different-looking roster.

“We’re going to try to get younger,” Sullinger said. “It’s not really hard (to find new guys) when you’ve got (Ohio State coach Chris) Holtmann bringing in pros every day. You’ve got to give credit to Holtmann. As long as he keeps getting pros and they do all four years and they want to play TBT then they’ve got an open door to us.”

Speaking of the team getting younger, remember like three years ago when Jae'Sean Tate wasn't considered good enough to play for Carmen's Crew and he had to play for some other TBT team instead. Now, he's starting on an NBA roster. Wild stuff.

 BEWARE OF CHOP. I don't think there's a person on the planet – Miyan Williams included – who would suggest that Miyan Williams was any better than the second-best running back on Ohio State's roster last season.

That's absolutely mind-blowing because he actually had the second-best rushing grade since Pro Football Focus started keeping tack seven years ago, behind only Ezekiel Elliott's natty season.

To be clear, this isn't an "actually, Ohio State should be giving the ball to Miyan Williams instead of TreVeyon Henderson" post, it's a "holy shit, Ohio State's running backs room is ungodly good" post.

I sincerely believe that Henderson could go down as the single best running back in Buckeye football history (yes, that includes the multiple Heisman winners). And if you look at the numbers, the dude behind him might just be top-10.

Oh, and then there's Evan Pryor.

 FEED ZEKE. Speaking of dominant Ohio State running backs, the Ezekiel Elliott hype seems to have died down a little in recent years, but if you look at his total number since entering the league, the dude has absolutely dominated the NFL.

He's got three seasons of more than 1,000 yards and three seasons averaging more than 4.5 yards per carry. Dude's been stunningly consistent, and it just feels like folks have forgotten.

But hey, keep sleeping on him!

 EVERYONE LIKES THE BUCKS. I'm not sure I like this juju, but I feel obligated to share it with y'all – almost the entire world is picking the Buckeyes to win the national title this year.

More than half the money pouring into the MGM Sportsbook for the national title is on Ohio State. And no other team is even close.

I want to say this makes me nervous, but it's not like Bama hasn't been heavily bet on before the season starts and been just fine.

Hype isn't necessarily a bad thing. You just gotta like, live up to it.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Thank you" by Diddo.

 NOT STICKING TO SPORTS. A judge declares a man wrongfully imprisoned for 28 years for a slaying he didn’t commit... drug lord who "died" of COVID last year was just arrested in Europe... Genetically engineered pig hearts are being transplanted into dead people... A man says that he killed his friend because he ‘summoned Bigfoot'... Toxic TikTok wants you to be your worst self...

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