Skull Session: Offense Couldn't Bail the Buckeyes Out, Michigan and Ohio State Tied in SP+, and Mario Cristobal is a Class Act

By Kevin Harrish on September 13, 2021 at 6:59 am
C.J. Stroud did his best in today's skull session.

The football team wasn't the only thing that had a rough Saturday. Ohio Stadium's WiFi was so bad, they couldn't even check people's tickets to let them in the game.

In hindsight, maybe the 'Shoe just went sentient and was trying to protect people from what they were about to witness.

Next time, let's listen.

Word of the Day: Obviate.

 DOESN'T ADD UP. It might not make all that much sense, but after Saturday's game, I was infinitely more frustrated with the offense than I was the defense.

See, the defense was an absolute dumpster fire. But also, it's been a dumpster fire for like three of the past four years, so I wasn't exactly shocked. On some level, the assery on that side of the ball made complete sense.

But the offense only putting up 28 points on 612(!!!) yards... that got me. Especially when you put it into this context:

Now, I'm sure I'm just numb to the poor defense because the offense has just been able to bail it out for years, and it's not really all that fair to place blame on the offense for not being able to successfully save the defense this time.

At the same time, 28 points on 611 yards still feels like a pitiful performance, especially when they even had like three tries at tying the game at the end.

 WELL, ISN'T THIS FUN? The good news is, Ohio State only slipped to No. 5 in the latest SP+ rankings.

The bad news is, the Buckeyes are now in a rather annoying three-way fifth-place tie...

I'm trying to prepare myself for just how unbearable the Michigan Men will be if they're somehow able to ride this momentum to an undefeated record in November, but I'm not sure my brain can even make sense of it.

At the same time, there is nothing – nothing – that would remedy a frustrating season quite like Ryan Day stuffing an 11-0 Michigan into a paper shredder to end the season. So, let's just go ahead and root for that.

 RESPECT. I had no strong feelings toward Mario Cristobal one way or another before Saturday's game. But it turns out, the dude is A+ in multiple ways.

It's weird how much more frustrating it is when a kind, respectful and thoughtful human being kicks your ass. This reaction is almost more infuriating.

Like, buddy, you just pantsed my team repeatedly on national television for the past three hours and now you're going to kill me with kindness? I'd rather you do snow angels on the logo so I can hate you in peace.

 SAME. Nothing encapsulates Saturday quite like this 8-second video clip.

But unlike the football team that afternoon, when he fell flat on his face, he got right back up and bounced back immediatley.

“It was like you were going down the stairs, but it’s dark and you don’t know where the bottom step is and you want to keep going down more steps but there’s level ground there,” Bowman said. “That’s basically what happened, and I just lost my balance and kept flying forward.”


“After something like that happened that probably everyone is going to see at some point, it feels good to know that I didn’t let it faze me and I was able to carry on and push through and drive like we’re supposed to,” he said. “Getting up, I was thinking, I’ve always heard it’s not what happens to you that defines you, it’s how you respond to things that happen to you and the relationships you can build.”

He credited motivational speaker Tim Kight and his “E+R=O” (events plus response equals outcome) equation, often cited by former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, as helping shape that belief. From there, it was the support of his fellow bandmates that enabled him to persevere. Asked how many people had reached out with support, Bowman said he couldn’t come up with a number.

“A lot of people,” he said. “Band people, people from home supporting me: ‘Hey, we know that happens, but you got up so fast and pushed through and had a great performance afterwards.’ I’m very appreciative to be in the organization I’m in in the band and to have all of these people behind me.”

Get this lad in to talk to the team. My guy gets it.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Blood Brothers" by Papa Roach.

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