Skull Session: Quinn Ewers Practices, an Incredible Ohio State Auction, and a Bad Michigan Bet

By Kevin Harrish on August 17, 2021 at 5:10 am
There are a lot of sacks in this photo in today's skull session.

I want to give you guys a fair warning that my mom, who I love more dearly than I can really describe, is in the hospital right now and is not doing well at all.

I am admittedly quite scared and I would very much appreciate any and all prayers.

But I do have one request of you all: if there happens to be a morning where there is no Skull Session published, I very kindly ask that you do not fill my DMs or e-mail inbox with messages wondering where the hell it is.

Please bear with me. I'll be around writing these Skull Sessions and other things, but that doesn't mean that my head or my heart will always be completely in every word that I write.

I appreciate you all, more than you know.

Word of the Day: Inveigle.

 THE MULLET IS HERE. Our favorite mulleted teen made his practice debut yesterday, which means he's just one step closer to the starting job.

But he still has his black stripe? Weak.

Ryan Day said he's "a long way away" from being able to actually play for the Buckeyes, but I would be straight up shocked if we don't see him in some capacity this season. He might not have a full grasp of the offense or anything, but he doesn't really need to if he's just going to run five plays in garbage time against Tulsa.

Who the hell knows, maybe he'll live up to the "highest-rated quarterback ever" label and shock some people in practice. I'm here for it!

 BEST DAMN AUCTION IN THE LAND. Sloopy Auctions has turned into one of my favorite websites on the Interwebs.

Even though my humble blogger's salary doesn't really allow me to afford much of the stuff that's up for snags, their lots are just so damn cool to look through, and this edition of the auction might be the coolest yet.

100 years ago, Ohio State played its last season in Ohio Field before the famed 'Shoe was created. So to commemorate, Sloopy Auctions has put together an auction lot that is made up heavily of pre-1922 artifacts and memorabilia. It's all extremely cool and would look amazing in an office or man cave.

If you're into 100-year-old Buckeye history, you're going to want to take a peek. There are some programs, ticket stubs, game art, pins, sheet music, and even an original coach's employment contract – all over 100 years old.

There are also many things from more recent Buckeye history, like a bunch of Gold Pants belonging to starters, some team-issued gear and some championship and bowl game rings.

Basically, if you're a Buckeye fan with disposable income, this site is calling your name.

 A DONATION TO VEGAS. Want to see what it looks like to proverbially light money on fire? A presumed Michigan Man has you covered.

I would have gladly housed this bet and offered drastically better odds if this individual would have simply donated their money to my depleting bank account instead.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "In Case You Don't Live Forever" by Ben Platt.

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