Skull Session: Justin Fields Isn't a “One-Read” Quarterback, Thad Matta Might Return to Coaching, and Trey Sermon Looks Healthy

By Kevin Harrish on March 4, 2021 at 5:05 am
Justin Fields and Ryan Day are talking it over in today's skull session.

Shoutout to this guy, who is now the owner of the crispiest NBA jersey there is.

ORCKETS are going to win it all with Tate leading the way. Just wait.

Word of the Day: Limpid.

 ONE-READ QB? Justin Fields has been slipping down draft boards (mock draft boards, at least. Who the hell really knows what actual NFL teams think?) and the big reason is that he apparently throws to his primary read too often.

That's dumb for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is that it's simply not true.

To be fair, I have no idea where that chart came from and I'm not going to pretend that @OSUFAN4U2NV – who says she got it "from someone who posted it a while back" – is an impeccable and unbiased source for something like this. But I'm rolling with it because it seems right and it would be a weird-ass thing for somebody to fake.

Numbers aside, my biggest take on "one-read" quarterbacks is that it's hilariously dumb to move someone down your draft board or disqualify them essentially because they were too successful and their offense was too efficient in college. That's some extremely galaxy-brained analysis.

But hey, at the end of the day, the lower he's selected, the more competent his team will be from the start.

 THAD BACK? Ohio State's in good hands these days with Chris Holtmann at the helm, but it's looking like there's a chance a Buckeye coaching legend is ready to get back in the game – and a Big Ten opponent has already expressed interest.

Thad Matta: Matta has been pursued by several schools since parting ways with Ohio State back in 2017 -- including by Penn State this year -- but hasn't shown much interest. Should the right job open, though, my understanding is Matta would be interested in getting back into college coaching. Will that happen this spring.

We've done this dance pretty much every year around this time and Matta's never made the leap yet. But it's different these days because he doesn't have to keep making "reasonable attempts at employment" to a check from Ohio State. So if word is that he's looking to get back into coaching, he's probably really looking to get back into coaching.

I've always been extremely in favor of Thad returning to the sidelines because I think he's good for basketball, but I must admit, I'd never really considered that he could end up back in the Big Ten.

I want absolutely no part of him at like, Indiana. Nope.

 OUT OF THE POCKET. The months of lockdown exposed the "if I only had the time, I would..." excuse as complete bullshit for a lot of people, self very much included. But Kirk Herbstreit isn't one of those people – he spent his pandemic co-writing a book.

Herbstreit is a reflection of the sport itself, a reflection of his football-crazed home state of Ohio, where he was a nationally recruited high school star and Ohio State captain, and a reflection of another Ohio State football captain: his dad Jim, who battled Alzheimer’s disease until his death in 2016. His love of the game will never change. But what has changed is Herbstreit’s willingness to reflect on his own life, and all that shaped it.

Yes, OUT OF THE POCKET is a story about football—but it’s also a poignant tale of fathers and sons, and how a shared love of the sport (and the lessons it offers) can serve as a blueprint for fathers, husbands and sons everywhere.

With his co-writer, two-time New York Times bestselling author Gene Wojciechowski, Herbstreit discusses his complicated childhood, detailing how a number of rocky experiences informed the man, husband and father he would become. With unflinching candor, he shows readers what it was like to grow up among Ohio State football royalty, to one day play on the same field as your dad, and to grapple with the realities and unforgiving nature of big-time college football programs.

I know there's a small yet extremely vocal subset of Ohio State that holds Kirk Herbstreit in unfounded contempt, but in my eyes, he's another Buckeye who's reached the pinnacle of his profession. And lord knows I'm a big fan of that.

I will do it. I will read the book about the famous Ohio State player.

 OKAY, TREY. Trey Sermon's postseason run ended as abruptly as it began, thanks to an untimely injury. But just a couple of months later, he's looking quite draft-ready. 

I have absolutely no idea where he'll be selected in the draft. But I do know that he made himself a lot of money the last three games of the season, and I couldn't be happier for him.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Sea of Love" by Langhorne Slim and Jill Andrews.

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