Skull Session: Paris Johnson Jr. Writes About Thayer Munford, Tyreke Smith Puts Pressure on QBs, and E.J. Liddell Fears Snakes

By Kevin Harrish on February 17, 2021 at 4:59 am
Duane Washington Jr. is the hero we need in today's skull session.

Folks, Happy's still got it.

Word of the Day: Abet.

 PROMISE KEEPER. Thayer Munford's definitely got some unfinished business on the football field, but he's also got a promise to keep off it. And his teammate Paris Johnson Jr. is here to tell the story for The Lantern.

“I made a promise to my mom I would not leave college without my degree, and I wanted to keep my word to my mother,” Munford said.

Munford said earning his degree will impact his life and his family, as he studies human development family services.

His mother, MeLisa Thompson, said Munford would be the first in his immediate family to graduate college.

“It would be overwhelming for me,” Thompson said. “That’s really a big deal and I’ve always told him that it would be wonderful for you to get your degree in college.”

I sincerely hope that Paris had to play by the rules and go through the legendary Jerry Emig to land this interview with Thayer, because that would be hilarious for everyone involved.

First off, hats off to Paris here. This article isn't just better and more polished than my first published piece, it's largely superior to the words I write on this website on a regular basis. If you're in need of an internship (or my job), hit me up.

Also, I wasn't sure I had room to respect Thayer any more than I already did, but here we are. He's already had to overcome more adversity in his life than I'll ever face and he's still taking no shortcuts.

 NEXT MAN UP. Ohio State didn't have that dominant, top-five pick defensive end last year, but Tyreke Smith wasn't exactly doing nothing, either.

Give him a full spring practice, and a full fall camp and unleash him. And it sure won't hurt having a couple of five-star freshmen in the wings, either.

 E.J.'S KRYPTONITE. Big Ten defenses haven't figured out how to faze E.J. Liddell, but it turns out, a particular slithering reptilian creature sure has.

E.J. is extremely fortunate that there aren't fans in the stands these days. Otherwise, the student sections across the Big Ten would look like Snakes on a Plane with rubber snakes, snake posters, folks dressed as snakes – hell, I'm sure someone's got a pet snake they'd try to get on the court.

But at least he won't have to worry about this!

Personally, I have nothing but respect for snakes. When a land-dwelling creature with no extremities can strike fear in the hearts of a beast that's like 100 times its size, you can only tip your cap.

 THE OGs. As of this week, the Buckeyes have been doing basketballs for 123 years, and the OG squad looks like it could run the local YMCA tomorrow.

For what it's worth, Ohio State's already declined to make throwback uniforms from this era, which is weak, in my opinion. If the football team can throw it back to 1919, the basketball team can roll out a jersey with those glorious stripes.

 DOT THE “i” IN MARRIAGE. Valentine's Day was a couple of days ago, but it's never too late to share a good love story, especially one as "incomparable" (if you catch my drift) as this one.

I'm just going to assume she high-stepped down the aisle and bowed at the altar. If I'm wrong, please nobody correct me. Thanks.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Saint Pablo" by Kanye West.

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