Skull Session: Buckeyes Haven't Lost an Opener This Millennium, Potential Recruiting Win Over Penn State, and Veteran Specialists Lead the Way

By Kevin Harrish on October 23, 2020 at 4:59 am
It's almost game day in today's skull session.
Ohio State Dept. of Athletics

One more sleep, y'all. We can do it.

Word of the Day: Cantankerous.

 SEEMS GOOD! I don't get the impression Buckeye fans are running low on confidence heading into the weekend, but if you need a little bit more...

There are humans who can legally consume alcohol who weren't alive the last time Ohio State lost a season opener.

Let's keep it that way, shall we?

 RING SQUAD. Big Ten football is back, and Chase Young isn't gonna let anybody forget who the king of the conference is.

There was never a year that Chase Young did not win a Big Ten title. Let that sink in.

 SPECIALISTS ARE SPECIAL. If you've watched even a single second of college football this year, you've surely noticed some uh... rust.

It's been especially bad on special teams with bad snaps, shanked punts all over the place, more blocked field goals and extra points than I can recall seeing in my life.

The good news is, Ohio State's specialists are almost as veteran as they come, and they're pretty confident things are going to run smoothly.

One of Ohio State’s most experienced units is also one of its most forgotten. 

With returning graduate punter Drue Chrisman and senior kicker Blake Haubeil, Ohio State’s special teams will be battle tested heading into the 2020 season. With the pair of experienced legs, the Buckeyes’ special teams look to start the season strong.  

As poor special teams play has been prevalent in the opening weeks of college football, Chrisman said that although the Buckeyes are aware of the struggles, he does not expect Ohio State’s special teams units to stumble out of the gate. 

“Coach (Matt) Barnes does a great job of emphasizing all the little details so those things don’t happen,” Chrisman said Oct. 14 in a Zoom call. “And as long as we keep the same routine we’ve been doing the last couple years — as far as punting and all the other special teams — I don’t see us having those blunders that you’ve been seeing around college football this season.”

Go out there and make Jim Tressel proud, boys!

 DERRICK DAVIS, COME ON DOWN! In what's shaping up to be a classic retelling of a tale old as time, it looks like the Buckeyes have a legit chance to go into Pennsylvania and pluck a top prospect away from James Franklin and Penn State

... just like they did with Kyle McCord. And Marvin Harrison Jr. And Julian Fleming.

Our very own teen knower Zack Carpenter had the details in last night's Hurry Up, which you should certainly read more frequently than you read my words, as he is actually good at his job.

The latest news as of Wednesday afternoon was that 2021 Pittsburgh prospect Derrick Davis Jr., the No. 2 safety in all of the land, was not going to be making a visit to the Buckeye Bash this weekend. Instead, we had been told over the past couple of weeks that Davis would not be making the trip, and yesterday it was reported by 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong that Davis and his father were all set to be making their first trip to Athens this weekend for Georgia’s bye week. (And that he is looking to visit LSU before making a decision.)

That all flipped on its head on Thursday afternoon, as Davis is now all set to visit Columbus this weekend for the Buckeye Bash. The news was first reported by Lettermen Row’s Jeremy Birmingham, and we were able to get confirmation this afternoon.

It’s a very important visit for the Buckeyes, as their momentum had appeared to be dwindling for the stud defensive back with a Nov. 7 commitment date approaching. In getting Davis to Columbus, Ohio State now has the opportunity for him to mingle with Jack Sawyer, TreVeyon Henderson and Co. and get a better gauge of whether or not there’s a strong vibe among them. However, the Buckeye commit Davis is closest within the 2021 class – fellow Pennsylvania prospect Kyle McCord – will not be at the Buckeye Bash as he has a game on Saturday. (Against Bishop Sycamore from Columbus, ironically enough.)

He's still 90% crystal balled to Penn State right now but that seems... Quite wrong, if you catch my drift.

And if he does end up at Ohio State (or even LSU or Georgia, for that matter), that will mean that Penn State won't have a single commit from the top-10 players in their own state.

Even Michigan wouldn't ever let that happen.

 SURE. Apparently, we're doing Urban Meyer cartoons now? And I'm oddly entertained.

They can guarantee me as part of their viewing audience if they make the entire show in cartoon form.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer.

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