Skull Session: Justin Fields' Quarterback Development, Ohio State is the King of the Blowout Win, and Dawand Jones Wants the the Football

By Kevin Harrish on September 25, 2020 at 5:31 am
Justin Fields is getting his mind right in today's skull session.

Ohio State is about to slice teams apart with a bunch of true freshman receivers this year and I could not be more ready.

Word of the Day: Carousal.

 BLOWOUT KINGS. Nothing screams college football quite like a 5+ touchdown boat race that only gamblers and sportswriters on a deadline are sweating in the fourth quarter.

This ain't the NFL – blowouts are a glorious and inseparable part of college football, the sport well all so very love to know. So Ryan Nanni of Banner Society decided to give them some well-deserved statistical love, finding the undisputed king of the blowout (which he defines as a win by 35 points or more).

35’s a somewhat arbitrary number to draw the line between blowout/non-blowout. Notre Dame lost the 2013 BCS National Championship to Alabama by 24, and nobody thought “well, that was a squeaker!” But at 35 points, the losing team would’ve needed at least five scores just to tie the game. A loss by fewer points might be a blowout; getting beat by 35 or more is indisputably so

You'll be delighted to know that when you take the aggregate of blowouts delivered and blowouts received in the last 30 years Ohio State sits alone at the top. And based on what the schedule is looking like this year, the gap is only gonna get wider.

Blowouts in Aggregate, 1990-2019
School Blowouts Delivered Blowouts Received Difference Total Blowout Games
Ohio State 68 1 67 69
Oklahoma 74 8 66 82
Boise State 71 7 64 78
Florida State 67 3 64 70
Nebraska 77 13 64 90
Florida 67 4 63 71
Alabama 62 2 60 64
Kansas State 66 12 54 78
LSU 52 4 48 56
Virginia Tech 52 4 48 56

You'll also be proud to hear that Rutgers did not even finish dead last among Power Five teams! That honor goes to Kansas, which had a striking 60(!) 35-point losses to just 21 blowout wins for an aggregate of -39. Rutgers, meanwhile, was sitting pretty at -25.

 THAT SOUNDS FAMILIAR. I'm glad the Pac-12 is moving forward with football this fall, but there's just no chance they would have done it if they didn't have the Big Ten's footsteps to follow behind, and the Big Ten's plan to striaght-up copy and paste.

I mean, look at me with a straight face and tell me this was a unique idea they would have come up with on their own in a vacuum.

But honestly, they can go ahead and copy this idea to their heart's content because this is an absolutely awesomeplan that I think should become universal in every conference.

It's like an intra-conference bowl game, and in a normal season, it would give every single team that all-important extra data point towards the College Football Playoff and bowl selections. More importantly, it's fun as hell, and I"m generally a proponent of things that are fun and good, especially in college football.

 GIVE DAWAND THE BALL. All 6-foo-8, 375 pounds of Dawand Jones wants the ball in the end zone, and I think I speak for everyone here at Eleven Warriors we could not be more on board.

I'm going to go on record as saying if he doesn't get at least one touchdown reception during his entire stint in Columbus, I will seriously consider legal action against Ryan Day for depriving me of that #content opportunity.

First off, imagine the hapless linebacker or defensive back trying to cover him. Second, imagine the touchdown celebration...

 QB1'S DEVELOPEMENT. At the start of last season, there were folks legitimately concerned about Justin Fields' ability to throw a football. Those people are dead now, as he's proven himself arguably the most polished passer in the country.

Here's proof.

I'm not sure my body is prepared for what "even better" could even look like, but I'm sure willing to give it a try!

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Oh Klahoma" by Jack Stauber

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