Skull Session: People Within Big Ten Call Situation “Embarrassing,” Urban Meyer Says Chase Young is the Most Talented Player He Coached, and Former Walk-On Tre Forte is a Reality Star

By Kevin Harrish on August 25, 2020 at 5:41 am
Campus is alive in today's skull session.

We're gonna start the day of right with a look at that sweet Young Simba to Scary Terry connection.

Here's to many more.

Word of the Day: Squally.

 “EVERYONE IS FURIOUS.” Another day, another set of furious anonymous sources embarrassed and confused by the actions (or lack thereof) of Kevin Warren.

Parent complaints can be written off, especially after a small turnout Friday, but their concerns are shared by the majority of people inside Big Ten programs ESPN has interviewed during the past few weeks. That's a problem for Warren and the league, especially if the bad feelings continue to fester.

"Been in this league for 20-plus years," a league source told ESPN. "This has been embarrassing."

"Everyone is furious," added another source. "Not the way it has ever gone down. And the ramifications are staggering."

The public criticism is highly unusual for the 124-year-old conference, whose members pride themselves on unity and keeping disagreements in-house. Former commissioner Jim Delany, who stepped down Jan. 1 after 30 years leading the league, made pioneering and, at times, unpopular moves -- football division names "Legends" and "Leaders" flopped badly, and many people still aren't wild about expansion additions Maryland and Rutgers. Still, the Big Ten has rarely exposed such wounds publicly.


As one Big Ten coach told ESPN, "We're just left in the dark. Why wouldn't you communicate? Why wouldn't you respond? I don't get it. Something's just off."

But don't worry, Warren is finally to actually talk to some of the student-athletes!

... about something completely irrelevant while explicitly requesting they don't talk about his fall sports decision.

This is like performance art at this point.

 THE PREDATOR. If you say that someone is the best, most talented player to come out of an Urban Meyer Ohio State team, what you're really saying is that the individual is actually one of the most talented players of all-time.

Meyer's aware of the implication, and he still thinks Chase Young gets that honor.

Washington Football Team defensive end Chase Young was different from the start. He was 6 years old, quarterbacking a team of 9- and 10-year-olds, when he made a promise to his parents: They wouldn't need to pay for college.

In hindsight, Young, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft by Washington, undersold that promise. His parents certainly didn't need to pay for college. But he left Ohio State as more than a kid who arrived on scholarship.

"Of all the players we had, including the Bosa brothers [the Chargers' Joey and the 49ers' Nick], as far as size and speed, Chase might be the most talented of all of them," former Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said, "which means he's probably one of the most talented players to come out of college in the last decade. All the intangibles are there, also the tangibles."

The dude looks like he was assembled in a lab for the sole purpose of rushing a quarterback, – no shit he's the most talented.

 YOUR FAVORITE REALITY STAR. I know y'all have been looking for an excuse to watch the latest paradise island reality dating show "Love Island," and now you've got a rooting interest – former Ohio State walk-on Tre Forte.

For those of you wondering if this show is for you...

A cast of hot young singles arrive at a luxury villa looking for a summer of love and romance, hoping to leave the island with the grand prize of £50,000. But in order to claim it, they have to win over each other and the public.

Based on everything I know about the demographics of this here website, I'm not sure a single person here will be watching our favorite contestant compete, no matter how thick his Buckeye blood runs.

That means I should probably just tune in every week and write up a recap to keep y'all informed, since I know you won't want to miss a minute of the drama.

(I'm kidding. Probably.)

 FOR YOUR VIEWING ENJOYMENT. We won't have live Buckeye football on our televisions for quite a while, but BTN's going to milk the hell out of some Ohio State themed content, and I'm going to consume it.

It's extremely convenient that Ohio State won a natty within the past 10 years and have a recently-retired legendary coach and charismatic linebacker both working for Fox/BTN.

They just might get us through this.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Wooden Heart" by Listener.

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