Skull Session: Ohio State is an Extremely Strong Favorite to Win the Big Ten, Jalen Rose is Wrong on Television, and the Buckeyes Have a Favorable Strength of Schedule

By Kevin Harrish on August 6, 2020 at 5:17 am
The dummy is ready to be hit in today's skull session.

I'll stick with the script and remind you that football still ain't a guarantee at this point, but the Buckeyes are officially starting fall camp today, we get a brand new football roster, and we'll hear from the ole' head coach. 

And that all feels pretty damn good.

Word of the Day: Placid.

 VEGAS HAS SPOKEN. For those interested, you can now bet your hard-earned dollars on the Buckeyes being better than every other team in the Big Ten – provided that you're willing to stake $2.7 to win every $1.

I wanted to think this was -270 was *insane*, but then I reconsidered, because my homer ass would take that bet every single time.

At that line, your implied probability is around 73 percent. And folks, let's be real – there's a higher than 73 percent chance you see Ohio State holding that trophy at the end of the year, and everybody should know that.

Because if not the Buckeyes, then who? The team that just lost its best player yesterday? The team Ohio State beat by double digits twice last year that's worse this year? The Leaders and the Best who haven't come within three scores of the Buckeyes in two years?

I'd probably take this bet up to -400. The only way Ohio State doesn't win the conference this year is if nobody wins the conference.

 “SAVE THE FOOTAGE.” A Michigan Man looked like an ass on television yesterday, and as a liker of his team's rival, it is my sworn duty to blast him online for it, as is the circle of college football media.

Therefore behold, a loud human spewing drivel:

Look, I don't want to be overconfident here, but if Dylan McCaffrey strolls into the 'Shoe and out-duels Justin Fields, I might have to log off forever. The only way Ohio State doesn't hang 70+ on the Leaders And The Best this year is if the game doesn't happen.

So yes, Mr. Rose, the footage is saved. But if I'm honest, this isn't even funny anymore. We both know this is bullshit, and it's getting tired. You don't hear Indiana claiming this is the year they finally beat Ohio State, because they know who they are. Have some self-awareness.

 CAKEWALK SZN. Not that it really matters, but if you thought Ohio State's path to Indianapolis looked like an absolute breeze, you certainly weren't alone.

To be fair, the lowest-rated teams on this chart are all the teams that don't play Ohio State, and Ohio State can't exactly be blamed for ducking Ohio State.

 VETERAN AMONG VETERANS. I'm still not over the NCAA's absolutely inexcusably atrocious bungling of CJ Saunders' waiver decision, but at least they did right to one Buckeye seeking his sixth season.

Justin Hilliard is a veteran of veterans, and Ohio State is extremely lucky to have him leading them this year.

Also, speaking of beating Michigan, Hilliard going to become the first player in Buckeye history to win six pairs of Gold Pants, which is cool and good.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "What You Know" by Two Door Cinema Club.

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