Skull Session: Big Ten Schedule Release is Imminent, Ohio State Collects Elite Talent Across the Nation, and Athletics Construction Projects Delayed

By Kevin Harrish on August 4, 2020 at 5:59 am
Ohio State has a lamppost in today's skull session.

Ohio's greatest baseball team was triumphant last night. All is well.

Word of the Day: Contrition.

 TODAY IS THE DAY. Buckle up, y'all.

Today is the day we learn the unfortunate souls who will stand futilely between Ohio State and another trip to the College Football Playoff (provided they can actually play football this season, of course).

We won't know the full specifics of the slate until the Big Ten gives the word tomorrow, but despite all that talk about front-loading division games – meaning The Game –  it's looking like Michigan might have gotten that last-minute a stay of execution.

My lone request for this reveal is that it does not include Rutgers, because that would just be a waste of everybody's time – for multiple reasons.

 ON OUR WAY TO STEAL YOUR PLAYERS. Woody Hayes used to beat the hell out of teams by basically just forming a team out of the 100 best players from the Great State of Ohio with a handful out-of-towners sprinkled in.

That was cool and good and I think that the Buckeyes should continue to collect the best in-state players, but I'm also a huge fan of the new and improved recruiting strategy of pillaging every state across the country and taking its top talent by force.

Because uh, it's working.

Proof: Max Preps put together a list of the top 2021 player in each state, and Ohio State has commitments from five of them.

  • Jantzen Dunn (Kentucky)
  • Jakailin Johnson (Missouri)
  • Jack Sawyer (Ohio)
  • Kyle McCord (Pennsylvania)
  • TreVeyon Henderson (Virginia)

And it could be six if once Emeka Egbuka joins the fray.

I've said countless mock-worthy things online, but one of the most mock-worthy was when I expressed concern that Ryan Day couldn't possibly recruit at the same level as Urban Meyer.

To be fair, it definitely ain't the same level...

 MOVING ON BACK. The Very Bad Virus has done what nothing else could: halt construction on Ohio State's campus.

More specifically, Ohio State's planned athletics construction won't be getting completed on schedule due. But Gene Smith sounds insistent that these things will still happen, they're just delayed.

Athletic director Gene Smith said planned projects, including an ice hockey rink and indoor track, have been put on hold. Ground won’t be broken on a $21 million lacrosse stadium until at least late next year, delayed from an earlier target date.

“I’m not concerned about it down the road,” Smith said. “It’s easy for me to hit ‘pause’ because we have to focus on the present and deal with the pandemic. But eventually, in one year I don’t know when that is, none of us can predict that we’ll get back to working the plan.”


While the pandemic’s impact on the football season this fall is seen as the largest threat to athletic department finances, wiping out revenues from the sales of tickets, concessions and parking, Smith has other considerations in assessing the future of the athletics district.

“We know we may not have football,” Smith said. “We know we may have football with no fans. But that does not impact our ability to raise dollars for lacrosse.

I appreciate and understand the sentiment, but I have my doubts that Ohio State's inability to play football and fundraising for lacrosse is totally unrelated. Still, I've got no doubts the projects will get done. This is Ohio State.

 THE FUTURE DR. CRAFT. Don't look now, but Aaron Craft's officially a medical student.

I have no doubts he'll attack his studies with every bit of the vigor he meets everything else in life. Whatever the medical school equivalent is of diving on the floor for a loose ball – he'll do that daily.

 RAISE IT HIGH. Folks, it looks like Mississippi has found a new state flag.

If they aren't flying this outside all government buildings within a year, I'll be more hurt than I was that one time Ole Miss neglected to change its mascot to Admiral Ackbar.

 SONG OF THE DAY.  "May I Have This Dance" by Francis and the Lights, featuring Chance the Rapper.

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