Skull Session: Awaiting the Ivy League's Decision on Sports, Basketball Season Could Begin in the Fall, and the Best Damn Band in the Land is Still Holding Tryouts

By Kevin Harrish on July 7, 2020 at 4:59 am
The incomparable is here in today's skull session.

Folks, I'm pleased to announce that a team representing your favorite website took home a title last night.

I'm also pleased to announce I had absolutely nothing to do with their success, but I'm proud to share in their triumph!

Word of the Day: Multifarious.

 ALL EYES ON THE IVY LEAGUE. Four months ago – which feels like a decade at this point – the Ivy League was the first to cancel its conference tournament due to COVID-19. I remember because I was out here slamming them for ending kids' careers with no warning.

Obviously, I was a moron and they were right, because everyone else's season came to an unceremonious close as well – they were just the first to make the call. And all eyes will be on them when they announce their decision regarding fall sports later this week, because they've got a chance to lead the way once again.

On March 10 the Ivy League was the first college sports entity to cancel its basketball conference tournament. The conference endured two days of rampant criticism, with many fans, pundits and even some administrators elsewhere considering it an overreaction. Then, as the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic crystallized, more conferences followed suit and by early evening March 12, the NCAA tournament was canceled.

Could the Ivy League’s decision regarding football be a harbinger of what’s to come at other levels once again? It’s possible. As one Power 5 administrator put it, a lot of university presidents — particularly those at top academic institutions in the Power 5 — consider Ivy League schools their peers. And they respect the level of research and expertise coming out of those campuses, as society at large waits for a COVID-19 vaccine.

“My suspicion is that the majority of presidents in the FBS are uncomfortable with the notion of playing football this fall but for various reasons don’t want to be the first to step out and say that,” the Power 5 administrator told The Athletic. “So, more than anything else, that decision provides the cover they need. I expect it’ll be a big domino.”

I get the sentiment, but regardless of their decision, I'm a wee bit skeptical it's really going to cause a domino effect across all of college sports. It might have for basketball, but that was when The Very Bad Virus had just started to take root nobody had really any idea what to do.

More than that, the Ivy League doesn't even compete in the same division of football as everyone else, much less are they a Power Five conference. What's possible and makes sense for them might not even be in consideration for the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, etc.

At the end of the day, I just have a hard time believing the SEC is just going to look to the northeast and think "the nerds are moving to the spring, I guess that settles that." Maybe other conferences will move to the spring as well, it's just not going to be because they did it first, this time.

 HISTORY CLASS. It's occurred to me more than once that when I have children, there's a solid chance that when I try to convince them that Michigan and Texas were once good at football, they just straight-up won't believe me.

Thankfully, there's a brand new children's program that's here to help!

"Can you help Michigan count all the Ls against Ohio State in the last 16 years?!" had me rolling, and yet it wasn't even the most spot-on, deep-cutting burn in the video. Looking at you, Texas and Notre Dame.

My lone complaint is that Tennessee avoided all mockery, and they deserve the most.

 TBDBITL GOES ON. Global pandemic be damned, TBDBITL is still looking to add to its ranks this summer.

With August coming up quickly, we wanted to provide an update to our planned tryout schedule.

Nothing has officially been cancelled or changed yet, but we are anticipating that tryouts are likely going to look different this year compared to the past. We want to assure everyone that we are working on solutions that will be not only equitable for everyone trying out but also provide safety for our current students, future students, judges and staff. We still anticipate putting together the 143rd edition of the Ohio State University Marching Band, and we are still planning for a season.

With that in mind, our tryout registration form will officially open on Monday, July 13. We hope that everyone planning to try out signs up. While we cannot commit to a date to provide more information, please check back in the coming weeks for further updates.

"We are still planning for a season" is music to my ears. Prospective sousaphone players, there are i's to be dotted – hop on aboard.

 DC PEPPER JOHNSON. Buckeye legend Pepper Johnson had an extremely brief stint as a defensive coordinator in the XFL. Our guy was axed after just one game from a league that folded midway through its inaugural season.

But it seems he's found a new gig with quite a bit more stability, coaching teens at Florida's IMG Academy.

Obviously the big news here is that an Ohio State great has a solid gig, but I'd be lying if I didn't also think about the positives of having a Buckeye inside one of the nation's elite high schools. It sure can't hurt recruiting.

As for the current class, maybe he can play a part in developing noted quarterback-ruiner Tunmise Adeleye. Though it does look like he's got things under control all by himself.

 IT'S WORTH A SHOT! Since The Very Bad Virus invaded our lives, most of our collective science and innovation have gone towards either fighting it or dealing with it.

Now admittedly, some of that R&D has basically just been throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks. That's basically what I think Schutt did here, but it doesn't mean it's not going to work!

I'd be lying if I wasn't extremely skeptical that thing's going to stay fog-free and breathable enough for players to actually wear it in a game setting, but if it does work and it helps save football season, let's roll with it.

 SONG OF THE DAY. More Today Than Yesterday" by Spiral Starecase.

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