Skull Session: Jim Tressel Never Forgets a Name, Kyle Snyder Could Beat Jon Jones, and Dillon Dingler is a Potential All-Star

By Kevin Harrish on June 10, 2020 at 4:59 am
We're cleaning the doors in today's skull session.

Just in case y'all were having insane football fan withdrawals, behold, @ray_uga.

If I'm miraculously still alive when Ohio State faces Georgia in 2030, I will do it – I will scream at this man online.

Word of the Day: Diffident.

 “I THINK THEY'RE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME.” I've heard too many stories of Jim Tressel's uncanny kindness to count – because there are countless examples – and I will never tire of hearing more.

Thankfully, Brian Hartline is here to bring the goods.

"I think they're more important than me," is one of the most mind-numbingly kind things I've ever heard someone say about complete strangers. And the thing is, based on his actions, I'm absolutely certain he actually believes what he says.

I'm generally against totalitarian control on principle, but if I had the opportunity to make Jim Tressel my benevolent king, I'd have a hard time saying no.

 FUTURE MMA STAR? Kyle Snyder became the best in the world at one sport before he was even legally allowed to drink alcohol, now a rather qualified individual thinks he's got what it takes to dominate another one.

Former two-division champion, Olympic wrestling gold medalist and the recently retired Henry Cejudo believes former Ohio State three-time NCAA champion and Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder could be a contender in mixed martial arts. While he wouldn’t Snyder in the octagon as soon as possible, Cejudo thinks the heavyweight wrestler and Olympic champ has the goods.

Speaking with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience, Cejudo outlined how Snyder could quickly rise to the top.

“I feel like if a guy like Kyle Snyder gets in the game and goes through the process I've gone through, that's the only guy I can see beating a guy like Jon Jones,” Cejudo said. “He’s mentioned it, but a guy like that, you'd have to groom him properly. You don't want to stick a guy like that straight to MMA. Put him in boxing for at least a couple years, this is what I did. I boxed for three years, I didn’t do any jiu jitsu.”

Kyle Snyder is one of the most freakish, beastly and physically terrifying human beings I have ever seen in person. If there's anyone who could make a career switch to beating the shit out of people for a living, it's him.

Fighting that man is a death sentence for 99 percent of the world – just give him a year or two to train and the other 1 percent can get knocked, too.

 ALL-STAR POTENTIAL. Ohio State hasn't seen a baseball player drafted in the first round of the MLB draft in 10 years, but there's a solid chance that streak's broken tonight because Dillon Dingler is about to make a team very happy.

As one major league area scout told the Repository, the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Dingler is expected to be much more than just an average player collecting a paycheck. He’s viewed as an everyday catcher, which is a bit rare in today’s platoon-heavy game, with the potential to make an enormous impact.

“The floor for him is a big leaguer,” the scout said. “The ceiling could be an All-Star if the offense clicks.

“The intriguing thing is he’s only been focusing on baseball full-time for three years, really 2.5 years because of the injury.”


“He impressed this spring, showing better athleticism and arm strength than most catchers while also doing a better job of getting to his plus raw power,”’s Jim Callis writes about Dingler in a story from April looking at the draft’s biggest risers.

That athleticism behind the plate and arm strength are what make the 21-year-old Dingler such a solid prospect, especially at a position where defense is a premium.

“He’s got a high baseball IQ,” the area scout said. “I mean, he already was calling his own game.”

Can't say I'm used to seeing "could be an All-Star" written about an Ohio State baseball player, but I'm into it. You've got a Buckeye among the best in every other field, we may as well claim baseball, too.

 PUTTING IN WORK. Zed Key isn't exactly the kind of guy you expect to be an instant program-changing player, but I'm far more sold on him than I ever really expected to be about a three-star center.

The dude's huge, quick and versatile, and by all accounts never stops working his ass off.

Also, as good as Kaleb Wesson was under the rim, it's going to be a refreshing change of pace to have multiple centers that can throw down a dunk with ease when they get the ball in the paint. The Buckeyes have been far too kind to the rims at the Schott these past few years.

 SONG OF THE DAY. "Pizza Day" by The Aquabats.

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