Skull Session: Gee Scott Jr. Talks Loaded Receiver Room, Jameson Williams Thinks He and Garrett Wilson Can Be the Best Duo Ever, and a Star Defensive End in the Transfer Portal

By Kevin Harrish on January 6, 2020 at 4:59 am
Garrett Wilson and Jameson Williams are talking about being great in today's Skull Session.

It's a day late, but everybody please join Hue Jackson in wishing my good pal Ramzy Bon Jovi a happy 21st birthday.

Word of the Day: Carouse.

 STARS DON'T MATTER ANYMORE. This is the best wide receiver recruiting class of all-time, but now that the Terrible Tetrad is officially on campus, Gee Scott Jr. says none of that matters. It's just time to produce.

Q: Are there arguments about who is ranked higher?

Scott: “No, we don’t at all. I think we all realize that once we get to college none of that stuff will matter anymore. All that will matter will be what we produce at the college level. You could be a six star for all we care, but if you don’t produce in college it doesn’t matter.

“We have the mentality we will come in there hungry, play our tails off and just fight for everything.”

Q: You will have guys like Chris Olave, Garrett Wilson and Jameson Williams already at Ohio State. What will it be like to work with them and learn from them?

Scott: “With the respect I have for them, those are the guys I will look to right away. They will help me get through a lot of the freshman obstacles that they actually already went through. I will look to those guys for guidance and take any kind of criticism they have for me and use it positively and apply it to my game.

“I will use them as people who are there to help me. It’s not always about competition.”

It's going to be crazy when they have to saw the Biletnikoff into pieces to give all the Buckeye receivers their due.

 DYNAMIC DUO. We're all justifiably losing our minds at the wide receiver haul Brian Hartline just pulled off, there are already a couple of top-100 receivers on the roster from last year's class. And at least one of them is approaching Randy Moss levels of confidence.

“The receiver room is going to be great from here on out, like it’s nothing but greatness coming in,” (Jameson) Williams said. “We’re going to execute. Zone Six is about to run the whole NCAA football next year.”


In terms of the players that came in with Williams, Garrett Wilson was able to make a strong impact on the 2019 team, and his talent and progression would suggest big things are to come in 2020. While Wilson will be the more accomplished wide receiver entering his sophomore season, Williams believes that the two can become a deadly duo.

“I picture us being one of the best duos in the same class ever to touch the football,” Williams said.

My official reaction: Hell. Yes.

I always say that I knew Michael Thomas was a future Hall of Famer as soon as I read his legendary Twitter tirade after the 2013 Orange Bowl in which publicly flamed every Ohio State receiver from his couch (and basically told Christian Bryant he'd stop when someone could tell him anything he said was wrong).

That #take was never a joke. I was serious. You need absurd confidence to be a great receiver, and Thomas clearly oozed it when he was torching his teammates on Twitter.

I'm not going to pretend young Jameson's comments are the same thing as what Thomas did at all, but "best to ever touch a football" and "run the whole NCAA" – you better believe that kid is cut from the same cloth as Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson, Chad Johnson or Randy Moss.

Now, Throw Him The Damn Ball.

 TO REPLACE A PREDATOR. With Chase Young on his way out, Ohio State now needs the next All-American top-5 draft pick at defensive end to emerge.

Or join the team.

Now, nobody's going to just step in and be Chase Young II, because generational players by definition aren't replaced in a single year, but this fellow, Quincy Roche out of Temple, finished the season with 13 sacks and 18 tackles for loss and has never had a season with fewer than nine tackles for loss.

I'd be extremely down with someone that clearly talented coached by the best defensive line coach in football.

In any case, he's on the move and Larry Johnson has followed him on Twitter, so we can assume contact has been made. And it seems like a decision is coming soon.

I'm gonna be real with y'all – there are definitely times when I post speculative things in these here Skull Sessions that are totally intended to be *hint hint*, *nudge nudge* for y'all to read into, because I know more than I'm telling you.

In this case, I know nothing else. Literally all I know is that he's very good, he's in the transfer portal, and Larry Johnson followed him on Twitter. But hey, that could mean something!

Given the current roster numbers situation, I don't think they're gonna be shopping around too much, but if they really want him and he wants to come, I'm sure they can make it work.

 THINGS CHANGE. A month ago, Jeff Okudah was studying for finals in a college dorm room and now he's peers with the best basketball player in the world and getting congratulations Tweets.

I have vivid memories of D'Angelo Russell casually walking around the central classroom building after Ohio State got bounced from the NCAA Tournament.

As I passed him, I looked at my friend and said, "that guy is about to be a millionaire." She responded, "Then what the hell is he doing here?" He must have asked himself the same question because I never saw him in that building ever again.

 SHOTS FIRED. It looks like the locals are getting a little restless up north.

I've always wondered how many seasons it would take for Jim Harbaugh's schtick to wear thin with the natives. At some point, mediocrity isn't going to be worth putting up with his personality, but I'm praying they hold on to him at least a little longer.

I'd compare him to Bo Pelini at Nebraska with the way he's wearing folks thin while still doing sort of fine, but that's probably not fair to Bo because he never won fewer than nine games at Nebraska and even beat Ohio State once.

So basically, Harbaugh is just worse Bo Pelini. Happy Monday!

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