Skull Session: Chase Young Update Coming This Week, CJ Saunders Will Seek a Medical Redshirt and Troy Smith Had Unique Motivation For Brian Robiskie

By Kevin Harrish on November 11, 2019 at 4:59 am
The Bucks are here in today's skull session.

Monday morning's ain't kind, so have this gem to start your day off right:

Word of the Day: Amorous.

 UPDATE COMETH. We've had 100 people say 100 different things about Chase Young's potential suspension, but here's the latest one that seems pretty consistent with what other folks are speculating and whispering about (aside from Kirk Herbstreit, whose report Ohio State said was inaccurate).

If that's the case and Young has to sit one more game, it might have saved Rutgers quarterback Johnny Langan's life. But God help Sean Clifford...

 SAUNDERS STATUS. Y'all have likely missed seeing CJ Saunders this season, and we've got some good news and some bad news on that front.

The bad news is, you won't be seeing your favorite walk-on turned scholarship player turned captain on the field this season. But the good news: you might next season.

From Austin Ward of Lettermen Row:

Multiple sources confirmed to Lettermen Row that Saunders won’t be able to play this season, which became more clear when the Dublin Coffman product hobbled into the Horseshoe on crutches on Saturday. Sources with direct knowledge indicated that an appeal for a medical redshirt has been in the works, but there has been no decision at this point about whether Saunders would return for another shot to make the impact he and the Buckeyes had been working so hard for over the years.

I think Buckeyes will be just fine on the field regardless of Saunders' return, but with eight of Ohio State's 11 receivers expected to be first or second-year players next season, having a veteran presence like Saunders in the locker room would be clutch as hell.

 TROY TELLS HOW IT IS. Troy Smith was an absolute legend on the field, but it turns out he was pretty legendary in the huddle as well.

Ohio State's most recent Heisman winner sat down with ESPN to tell a quick story about some unique motivational tactics that he used to get then-freshman receiver Brian Robiskie to stay on his damn feet after making a catch.

TL;DR, he told him he sucked.

From Troy Smith, via and ESPN video:

"In 2006, Brian Robiskie and I would get into it a lot, because he would make tremendous catches, but every time he caught the ball he would just get tackled. And at that time, I had a different way of motivating him.

I immediately rolled my eyes at him. I looked at him and he's like 'What?' and I'm like 'You know what? Just get the f*** out of the game.' He's PISSED at me.

But now, as he catches this ball, he makes a guy miss, does his thing, spins a little bit and then runs probably about 18 to 20 yards. The crowd's going crazy.

I'm trying to get the play and as I'm looking over to Tress', here comes this 6-4, lightskinned kid and he's like Tasmanian Devil, he's like spittin' 'Did you see that, motherf*****? You think that's a run after catch? Now should I get out of the game?'

And you know what? We ready now."

Hey, the results speak for themselves. I guess there's more to being a quarterback than setting passing records.

 POOR RUTGERS. If Ohio State played Rutgers straight-up with its starters in for 60 minutes, I believe in my heart that the Buckeyes would win 130-0. At least.

The game this week is probably going to be "would Ohio State still win if?" and my good pal Ryan Ginn came up with a fantastic one to start us off.

If you have two arms, the answer is a resounding "yes." Shit, if you have one arm, the answer is still probably "yes." Ohio State could play literally any eligible student at quarterback this week and win, probably resoundingly. There is absolutely zero doubt in my mind.

The Buckeyes just beat Maryland 73-14 in a game where the second and third teamers played the entire second half. A month ago, Maryland beat Rutgers 48-7. I know the transitive property doesn't work perfectly in football, but come on.

I'm honestly not sure Ohio State should even be allowed to play Rutgers, in the interest of player safety. It's going to be like the Death Star versus one single Ewok helplessly floating through space – and I'm going to watch every second of it.

 JOE BURROW – ROCK STAR. Joe Burrow did the damn thing this weekend, becoming the second former one-time Buckeye third-string quarterback to dump Nick Saban in a five-year span.

And now he might very well be the most famous person in Louisiana.

Enjoy it now, Joey B. A few more wins and you're prey.

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