Skull Session: Ohio State Makes Its Case As CFB U, DeVier Posey and Dontre Wilson Sign CFL Contracts, and Brian Kelly Trolls Michigan

By Kevin Harrish on February 13, 2019 at 4:59 am
Drue Chrisman boots it in today's Skull Session.

Yesterday I tried to go for a walk in the balmy 40 degree weather and was immediately greeted with rain. That'll teach me to leave my house.


Word of the Day: Chutzpah.

 CFB U. For the past 20 years or so, the NFL Draft has basically just been an extended infomercial for Ohio State football.

Sure, every draft class isn't a behemoth like the 2004 or 2016 drafts, but Ohio State has been consistently pumping players to the next level, especially at a few positions.

Case in point:

I can't say I didn't expect that, put it's so much more hilarious when it's put in perspective.

But folks, we ain't done.

I think it's fair to say that Ohio State is definitely not QBU, but I have a sneaky suspicion that could change under the new regime.

 BUCKS GOING NORTH. The CFL is going to have some Buckeye flavor this season as both DeVier Posey and Dontre Wilson inked fresh Canadian Football League contracts yesterday.


It Took some Time But i stayed Down and God Granted me My Wish @Hamiltontigercats #RunliketreForever

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This is Wilson's first CFL contract since he was on the BC Lions' practice squad in 2017, but Posey is a seasoned CFL veteran, and a former Grey Cup MVP.

The Canadian half of me (y'all didn't know I was half Canadian, eh?) is stoked, knowing The North gets to see some regular Buckeye talent next season. The other half is infuriated that the available Buckeye player pool for the new Columbus AFL team is shrinking in a hurry.

 GETTING NFL READY. It looks like Parris Campbell and Johnnie Dixon are getting NFL big before the draft, which is probably a good move if they're going to be out there trying to block NFL linebackers and safeties.

As ripped as Parris and Johnnie are looking on the far right, holy hell, direct your attention to that herculean fellow to the far left.

Believe it or not, that is former Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf. Yes, a receiver.

Dude looks like a player from NFL Blitz and probably more ripped than any defensive end, much less receiver, I've ever seen.

 HAPPY TRAILS IN HAPPY VALLEY. It's never a bad day for some schadenfreude, and Tuesday had plenty of it, with Michigan losing to an ungreat Penn State team and John Beilein getting tossed right before the half.

Love to see basketball schools dumped by football schools. 

 SAVAGERY IN SOUTH BEND. Hilariously, Michigan's loss and Beilien's ejection weren't even the most embarrassing things to happen to that athletic program yesterday.

Let's travel to South Bend, Indiana, where Michigan took a 5-2 L on the ice, and an even bigger L on the video board, courtesy of Brian Kelly.

To be clear, I'm no Brian Kelly sympathizer. He's such a well-documented feculent gruel of a human being that I feel I've tainted myself for giving him even the slightest of hat tips.

I don't feel good about it, but when Michigan is owned, it is my duty to share it, regardless of the ownee.

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