Skull Session: D'Angelo Russell Scores 40 Points, Michael Thomas is Seeking a Payday, and Eddie George Makes TV Guest Appearance

By Kevin Harrish on January 19, 2019 at 4:59 am
Brutus is patriotic in today's Skull Session.

Saw the forecast this weekend and NOPE. I will enjoy the frigid whiteness from the inside.


Word of the Day: Parsimonious.

 SILK DROPS 40. Ohio State got dumped by Maryland for its fourth straight loss, so instead of talking about that, we're going to my hardwood happy place: wherever D'Angelo Russell is.

Silk dropped 40 points in a 21-point comeback win over the Magic. And he also hit this dagger step back to give the Nets their final lead:

Hey, the Lakers messed up. Imagine a DAR/LeBron combo.

Looking back, it's still kind of hilarious to me that Russell ever played at Ohio State, sandwiched between two absolutely just painful seasons of Buckeye basketball. It's even more hilarious that the original plan was for him to stay two seasons.

I honestly felt bad sometimes because he was just so clearly way too good to be on that team. But to his credit, that never really seemed to really bother him. He just went out and did his thing.

I'll never forget one time when he weaved an impossible pass through like three defenders from half court and it bounced right off Jae'Sean Tate's chest and out of bounds.

He just shrugged, looked at Thad and said "he was open."

 MIKE THOMAS ABOUT TO GET PAID. Michael Thomas is one of the top receivers in the NFL, and it's about time he's paid like one.

Kimberley A. Martin of Yahoo! Sports:

Many expect Thomas’ camp to try to make him the NFL’s first $20 million-per-year receiver.

Because Beckham’s extension includes an additional $5 million that is earned only if several incentives are met, the deal really averages out to $18 million a year. So, Thomas’ agents likely could come to the negotiating table asking for $22 million or $22.5 million a year, in the hopes of securing a deal in the $19 million to $20 million range. One contract expert suggested Thomas seek a minimum of $70 million in overall guarantees, with at least $50 million fully guaranteed at signing.

But some folks have trouble understanding the hype.

“He’s good, but he ain’t that good,” one front-office executive told Yahoo Sports, in reference to the hefty extension the Giants gave Beckham this past summer. “Odell is Odell. Odell is rare. Thomas will get below that.”

And the dude who had the best rookie season since Randy Moss, caught way more passes through three seasons than anybody in league history and almost single-handedly won a playoff game isn't "rare?"

I have a hard time with that.

 EDDIE GEORGE, TV STAR. Eddie George has already tried his hand at theatre, now the former Buckeye back is giving TV a shot, making a guest appearance on Magnum PI.


NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney and former running back Eddie George will guest star in the episode set to premiere right after Sunday’s AFC Championship Game (9 PM ET, normally shown Monday at 9) on CBS. Blaney, who has a mustache that could rival Selleck’s, plays bounty hunter Shane Powell. George plays Travis Leet, who runs the bail bond shop and brought in the best bounty hunters and private investigators on the island to find a dangerous fugitive who skipped bail.

While both athletes are more well known for their respective sports, both Blaney and George have taken to acting and have been doing quite well for themselves. Now that he’s been retired, George has been able to do more and has appeared in various shows and movies since 2004, including playing himself in Ballers and having a recurring role in NCIS: Los Angeles. George was also on Broadway in 2016, playing Billy Flynn in Chicago.

Y'all can catch Eddie's television acting debut right after the Chiefs send the NFL's golden boy packing.

 LET FREEDOM RING. I can confirm nothing about Cormontae Hamilton's performance in last night's International Bowl because I can't find any stats anywhere.

However, I can confirm that freedom rang loud.

If you'd like to watch a replay of this beatdown, you can catch it on ESPNU on Sunday at 10 a.m.

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