Skull Session: Dwan Mathis Remains Firm, Chris Spielman Backs OSU's Decision, and Dan Mullen is Saddened

By Kevin Harrish on August 3, 2018 at 4:59 am
Damario McCall will save us all.

There hasn't been a lot to laugh about these past couple of days, but this definitely did it.

Either ESPN looked up a headshot of A.J. Hawk online and this is what they landed on, or they requested one from A.J. and this is what he gave. Either way, it's fantastic.


Word of the Day: Bilk.

 DWAN MATHIS REMAINS SOLID. I'll start you off with some good news – while the status of the current Buckeye coach is uncertain, the commitment of a future quarterback is not.

Dwan Mathis, who flipped to Ohio State from Michigan State in June, will be a Buckeye regardless of the outcome of the team's current head coaching situation.

From Perry A. Farrell of The Detroit Free Press:

No matter what happens to Urban Meyer, Oak Park quarterback Dwan Mathis is committed to attending Ohio State.

The class of 2019 quarterback learned Wednesday night along with the rest of the world that OSU placed Meyer on paid leave as the school investigates when he learned about a 2015 domestic violence claim against former assistant coach Zach Smith.

“Whether he’s the coach or not, I’m committed Ohio State," Mathis said Wednesday night. “We didn’t really talk about it as a family. Really, I just found out. I haven’t had time to process anything. It’s not going to change anything with me. I just think it’s the best situation for me. Will wait and see what happens, but I’m still committed to Ohio State."

Mathis said if Meyer got fired, it wouldn’t change his decision.

Of course, with 21 commitments across the 2019 and 2020 classes, we're definitely going to see this question asked many more times in the event Meyer is fired, but this is certainly a start.

With how long the Buckeyes searched for a quarterback in this class, it's refreshing to hear that they won't have to start from square one.

 SPIELMAN: "OHIO STATE HAD NO CHOICE." It makes little difference if you're a Buckeye legend or an armchair quarterback – everyone is awaiting Ohio State's decision regarding the future of Urban Meyer.

But that doesn't stop us from wanting legends' #takes anyway.

The Detroit Free Press caught up with Chris Spielman at a Lions training camp and while the former Buckeye linebacker said he didn't know if Ohio State should fire Meyer, he thinks they did the right thing by placing him on paid administrative leave.

From Dave Birkett of The Detroit Free Press:

While Ohio State is trying to figure out exactly when Urban Meyer knew what about the domestic violence allegations against one of its former assistant coaches, one former Buckeye great said the university is right to suspend Meyer.

"Everybody around here and I think everybody that will see this understands the seriousness of domestic violence and there’s nobody that’s a proponent of that," Spielman said Thursday at Lions training camp. "I don’t know what Urban knew and when he knew it. I have no idea. I do think that Ohio State had no choice but to put him on paid administrative leave until they can sort this out."

I agree with Spielman's take. Ohio State couldn't do nothing when the story broke on Wednesday, but if they were still gathering facts, they couldn't exactly make a decision either.

I think when the news initially broke, many assumed he was simply placed on administrative leave while they worked out the formalities of his departure, but the longer this drags on the more convinced I am that the whole situation genuinely is up in the air.

 DAN MULLEN SADDENED. If there's any coach in the field who knows Urban Meyer on a personal level, it's probably Dan Mullen.

Mullen coached alongside Meyer for eight seasons, serving as his quarterbacks coach at Bowling Green and Utah, then as his offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Florida. It's well known that Mullen wasn't just a coworker to Meyer during those times, but was and remains a friend.

So it makes sense that Mullen would be asked about Meyer's situation during Florida's preseason media day on Thursday, and it makes sense that Mullen would respond with sadness and concern.

From the Orlando Sentinel: 

“Obviously, as coaches, anybody you’re close with and is going through a difficult situation, it’s tough,” Mullen said of Meyer at UF’s preseason football Media Day on Thursday. “These are friends who you’re close with in life. When you’re dealing with the situation Urban is dealing with, it’s always hard and you always keep them in your prayers. You hope things work out the best for them because these are people that have an influence on you throughout your life.”

When asked if he has talked to Meyer, Mullen replied:

“You know what? I haven’t,” Mullen said.“I sent him a text last night that he had his family were in our prayers. He and the family are very close to my family. So, our prayers are with then as they go through all of this.”

Mullen said he hasn't had the time to look at all the information regarding the situation, but said "any time there are — domestic problems — it’s just a sad situation.”

 TOM HERMAN DECLINES TO COMMENT. Tom Herman coached alongside both Zach Smith and Urban Meyer for three seasons, but he's not willing to answer any questions about the lingering allegations and Urban Meyer's administrative leave.

I get that there's absolutely no chance Herman of all people would give anything close to a helpful comment, but it's a completely fair question, given the situation, and I guess I still expected a little deeper and more human than a hard "no comment," but maybe my expectations were off.

 MEANWHILE, IN SPAIN. The men's basketball team just got the hell out of Columbus, and America for that matter. 

The team is on a trip to Spain, where they're playing three exhibition basketball games while seeing the country's beauty and experiencing the rich culture. Apparently, the trip also included losing in soccer to Spanish children on a Madrid sidewalk.

Personally, I would like them to play basketball. If there aren't videos of Micah Potter aggressively swatting a shot from a 7-year-old spaniard, what are they even doing in Spain?

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