Skull Session: That Time Ohio State Fans Ganked Indiana's Goalpost, Bosa Q&A, and El Guapo Shocks Tyrod

By D.J. Byrnes on June 16, 2018 at 4:59 am
Baron Browning tackles the June 16 2018 Skull Session

It's a shame the tyranny of family court robbed us of majesty like Dad's Day:

Take me back to a time when two drunken dads could sit in silence and watch the big game while stewing about how much they hate their families.


​Word of the Day: Oubliette.

 GET DUMPED THEN, HOOSIERS. The fun thing about Ohio State trips to Bloomington is Buckeye fans move into Bloomington like imperial soldiers into the bed of a beat farmer. 

Locals gripe about it, but their business owners wish the Buckeye leviathan rolled into their city every weekend.

No other incident showcased the incident better than in 1996 when the Buckeyes clinched a Rose Bowl berth, and fans ganked one of Indiana's goal posts.

From Tom Orr of, whom you should follow on Twitter:

As the final seconds ticked off the clock and Brent Musberger bellowed, “Hello, Rose Bowl” Buckeye fans stormed the field in Bloomington.

Seconds later, Musberger said, “Some of the Buckeye fans have even yanked the goal posts down to my right. They’ll carry it all the way back to High Street.”

It’s not clear if they did that, but they definitely pulled them down, as you can see below.

The Indiana team then rushed over to surround their other goal post and prevent any further humiliation.

Hoosiers stood tough over their remaining field goal like some drunk bros still talking shit as medics wheel their uninsured friend into an ambulance. The damage has been done!

If you tried this today, though, a state trooper would delight in putting 50,000 volts of electricity through your veins for the amusement of cameras.

 BOSA HATED NOT STARTING. Nick Bosa is one of the fiercest competitors on Ohio State's team, so it makes sense he hated not starting last season—even if he's wise enough to acknowledge the wisdom of Larry Johnson Sr.


You started several games last year but some you did not. Just the competitor in you and the way you were brought up in this game, was that something you had to wrestle with? Did that ever bug you?
Yeah. I hated not being out there for the first play of the game, but it is what it is and I got to play a lot of meaningful reps. I played all the plays I needed to prove myself and to help my team. In the end, I knew what Coach J was doing. He's always right. He's got a lot of knowledge, so you trust his decisions.

Speaking of Johnson, it can't be overstated how much Ohio State will miss him not only as a teacher, but also as a recruiter. Any idiot can pitch the Urban Meyer/Ohio State brand. Few can do it as well as Coach J.

Was there a school that you would have gone to if you hadn't been able to come to Ohio State?
I didn't really seriously consider any of them because Coach J was here. If Coach J wasn't here, I probably would have gone wherever he was at. If he wasn't coaching, I would have had to completely rethink my recruiting. I only visited FSU and Florida. That was it. They were good visits. The people there were great. But it just wasn't for me. There's just nothing like here.

As for the best offensive lineman Bosa has faced, the answer may surprise you.

Who's the best offensive lineman you've faced so far?
Probably the best offensive lineman is Isaiah [Prince], who I go against every day. He's the best one overall, and everybody will find that out this year. But on an opposing team, probably ... I don't know. I don't like to give O-linemen credit. The right tackle for USC wasn't bad. The right tackle for Wisconsin was solid. Orlando Brown for Oklahoma was good, but I think their other tackle was even better.

Wasn't bad... solid... the other guy was even better... that's a masterclass in throwing shade, which isn't to be conflated with "talking shit."

 EL GUAPO RIDES AGAIN. The legend of Carlos Hyde needs no refreshing in these hallowed halls. Hyde is now in Cleveland with the Almighty Browns, and you won't be surprised to learn he's still good at football.

Hyde shocked new Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor with his pass-catching abilities.

From (brackets mine):

“I didn’t know much about Carlos before I got here,” Taylor said. “I played against him one time in Buffalo. To see him catching the ball out of the backfield and running routes was shocking to me. He’s very good.”


“When you’ve been around as long as I have,” [Browns quarterback Drew Stanton] said, “you have the luxury of picking up the phone and getting an honest opinion on things. Carlos’ teammates spoke very highly of him.”

Head coach Hue Jackson said Hyde has quickly become a team leader.

“Carlos has been a great surprise for me,” Jackson said.

Hue Jackson being surprised is the least surprising thing ever. He and Jimmy Haslam are the only two men capable of keeping the Browns from the playoffs this year.

 DRE'MONT: RARE TALENT. Dre'Mont Jones playing in the interior doesn't keep him from the opposing quarterback:

It's a great time to be a Buckeye fan because guys like Jones go under-the-radar due to the Bosa hype.

 WARLOCK TRASHES ORGERON. Les Miles hasn't coached the Tigers in two years and is trying to break into the acting business. He doesn't seem to think much of Ed Orgeron, the Red Bull addict that replaced him.

From The Josh Innes Show (via

“I guess what I’m saying is that I never accepted the feeling of ‘Hey, you need to have patience,’” Miles said. “When you say that you need to have patience, aren’t you really just saying to your team is not good enough? Because I want you to know something … I never took the field with the Tigers where I didn’t think that I was absolutely going to kick somebody’s tail, and that we were the best team. Period.

“It took me a time during the week to get myself in a position where I said, ‘Yeah. OK. We got ’em. We got the plan. The plan is in. We’re ready to play,’” Miles continued. “That took some time, but I never asked to ‘give me break here.’ Hey listen — the Tigers are good. The Tigers got good players, the Tigers can play. Hey, you know what, we didn't make any mistakes, You guys are going to play your butts off this Saturday and you're going to kick the living hell out of the opponent and that’s not the way it is.

“Certain people need to have a safety net,” Miles said as he started to raise his voice. “If you need a safety net, you need not coach for the Tigers because the Tigers are your safety net! They are the winningest, toughest group of men that I’ve been around.”

Hard to see why they haven't won The Nash since Nick Saban fled.

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