Skull Session: Unselfish Zone-6, the Veracity of “Couldn't Go For Three,” and Previewing TCU

By D.J. Byrnes on June 14, 2018 at 4:59 am
Robert Landers swolls for the June 14 2018 Skull Session

It's Thursday, June 14th, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have still not signed Terrelle Pryor. Makes you think, for sure.


​Word of the Day: Etui.

 MORE ZONE-6 HYPE. Zone-6 has been granting offseason access to the likes of BTN and ESPN in order to show the camaraderie of the unit. As a blogger, I love their dedication to #content. As an Ohio State fan, I only feel increased expectations brought by self-promotion.


"It's a blessing, but then again, it's also a workload, just being old and being in this program," Campbell said. "I look at all of these guys like my brothers, and they look at me the same way."

Wide receiver isn't usually the position associated with ironclad bonds, unity and leadership. That distinction usually goes to the offensive or defensive line. Receivers are seen in a different light. "Prima donnas and divas and selfish players," Mack said as the others nodded and smiled.

"The position is a very selfish position," Smith said. "It's all about touches, it's all about catches and being in the spotlight, catching touchdowns. There are some divas and some less divas. If it's a stereotype, it's an accurate one."

It just doesn't seem to apply to Ohio State's group this year.

Let's hope not. Because Urban Meyer's offense isn't known for the abundance of 1,000-yard receivers it produces. It is cool, however, to see the unit incorporate Dwayne Haskins in off-the-field activities like bowling. Teams that don't like each other (usually) don't win titles.

 URBAN LEGENDS. It's the phrase Ohio State fans love to know. Say, did you hear why ol' Woody Hayes said he went for two late in the game against Michigan? Because he couldn't go for three!

Unfortunately, Hayes appears to have never uttered the witticism. The closest incident came in 1968 after Ohio State's kicker, who was also their backup center, suffered a blow to the head.

From Tom Orr of

“You see,” said Woody, “our center (Massillon’s John Muhlbach) had to come out after the touchdown with a shoulder injury. Only our center replacement was Jim Roman (of Canton) so we had to put him in to snap the ball. Our other field goal man, Larry Zelina, was groggy after getting a bump in the head, so we had to pass.”

The far more colorful postgame quotes came from the other locker room.

The Beacon-Journal quoted Michigan assistant coach Tony Mason saying, “That fat hog went for two.”

He continued, “That’s why he’s not wanted in this profession.”

Poor Tony Mason got absolutely triggered. He would have had a spot on Harbaugh's staff, no doubt.

 HORNED FROG PREVIEW. Texas Christian may be good this year. It also may not be. It will mostly depend on the performance of sophomore quarterback Shawn Robinson, a former four-star recruit.

From Bill Connelly of

via SB Nation
Click to enlarge.

Gundy’s “TCU and OSU are basically the same” construct is true in one more way this year: each is a QB away from big success. They’re both breaking in new ones, and it’s just impossible to make confident predictions until we’ve seen them in action.

Going strictly on S&P+, though, TCU’s going to have as good a chance as anyone of getting to the title game. And the schedule is as favorable as you can get — the Frogs get five home games to only four road games, two of which are at KU and Baylor. They are projected favorites in seven of nine league games and are the tiniest of projected underdogs (0.7 points) at Texas. (Here’s where TCU fans point out that the Frogs have pummeled the Horns for four straight years.)

If Robinson is ready, TCU will be, too. And that could make Ohio State’s week three Metroplex visit awfully interesting.

If Shawn Robinson shreds Ohio State's defense then TCU will have a national contender on their hands. It's that simple.

 RIP TO A TERP. Tragic loss Wednesday for the Maryland Terrapin football family as it lost one of its own.


Maryland offensive lineman Jordan McNair died Wednesday.

The redshirt freshman was hospitalized after a team workout on May 29. Maryland announced he was in the hospital on June 4.

“Our team is heartbroken with the loss of Jordan McNair,” Maryland coach D.J. Durkin said in a statement. “Jordan was an incredible young man, and his passion and enthusiasm made him an invaluable and beloved member of our team. Jordan was a hard worker and he always had a smile on his face. He was an extremely talented football player and a humble and genuine human being. He embodied the essence of what it means to be a teammate. Jordan was a fighter. Over the past few weeks, Jordan never gave up with his family, friends and team by his side. Our team will continue to be inspired by the spirit of this brave fighter. Please continue to pray for Jordan’s family during this difficult time.”

Buckeye sophomore defensive end Chase Young, a Maryland product, paid his respects:

Just awful news all around.

 BEILEIN REMAINS. Michigan basketball coach John Beilein removed himself from the Detroit Pistons head coaching search after ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reported the flirtations.

It was a rare move for Beilein to consider, and one he won't weigh again. The Pistons offered a unique opportunity due to geography, and that door has closed.


But after going through a similar process himself, Beilein said he doesn’t plan on testing the NBA waters again.

“It was location, location, location,” Beilein said of the Pistons job on WBBL's “The Huge Show” earlier this week. “(Wife) Kathleen and I, we love it. We have our daughter Seana in Saline with her three grandkids and her husband. We wouldn't really have to move. It was appealing to me and the interest was mutual to an extent, but they had some other great options and I had a great option.

“It didn't work out, but I wanted to think it through. I don't anticipate or plan on ever doing that again and I think people understand that. It's not like I've been doing this every year."

Thankfully for Ohio State fans he can't coach basketball and football.

 THOSE WMDs. Instagram influencers stars are driving luxury hotels crazy... Talking with the almost dead... Ten years as a fire tower lookout... One company holds half of marine gene patents.

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