Skull Session: Dishonest CFP Committee, Bucks' 16,000-Day Drought vs. USC, and a Terry Glenn Memorial

By D.J. Byrnes on December 5, 2017 at 4:59 am
The G.O.A.T. eats a sandwich for the December 5th 2017 Skull Session

Goal today is to get Tuesday out of the way like Slobs bulldozing the No. 1 defense in America:

Elect me President, and I'll executive order a mandatory siesta from Thanksgiving to New Year's so the American worker can spend time with their families and enjoy the spoils of another year's labor.


Word of the Day: Inchoate.

 KLATT CLAPS BACK. I dreaded Ohio State games moving to FOX. Yet, Year 1 was a raging success. It made ESPN broadcasts feel stale. Even their HD is a peg above ESPN's.

One revelation of the move was the analysis of Joel Klatt, who is now yours and mine favorite pundit. In fact, we will go to war for this man if he calls the banners:

“Kirby Hocutt lied to us the entire year. Last week he told us that Ohio State and Alabama, there was very little, razor-thin margin between the two. And now all of a sudden, it’s unequivocally, without playing a game, Alabama’s better than Ohio State after Ohio State beat Wisconsin. It’s crazy the inconsistencies we’re seeing from this committee, which is why I’m of the belief that the long-term health of the Playoff is at risk. Because right now there’s zero trustworthiness within the committee and the Playoff structure.”

The dishonesty made me more mad than the actual snub. When Hocutt said there was "very little separating" the 5-8 seeds, I took him at his word. And I still feel like an idiot for that.

It seems its modus operandi is to select its four "best" teams and make up the justification ad hoc. I'm sick I fell for the okie doke, and going forward, will view the CFP proceedings with the appropriate amount of cynicism. 

I also hope the playoff ratings tank.

 GET DUMPED THEN, USC. The Trojans have been a playoff team on my Dumpability Index since freshman Matt Barkley performed miracles in 2009 as USC somehow undid the anaconda that was death by Tresselization.

Turns out, Buckeye fans of all generations carry a grudge against Troy. It's been a hot minute since we've seen a win.

For those scoring at home, it will be 16,068 days since the last Ohio State victory in the series when the teams take the field in Arlington.

This is what television looked like at the time:

I'm not one to buy into the propaganda about the Rose Bowl in the age of corporate sponorships, but it feels extremely weird this game is being played in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Arlington and not majestic Pasadena. 

Still, I refuse to be too bitter about a season that could potentially end with a comeback win over Michigan, a Big Ten championship, and a monkey-off-the-back win against USC.

 LEGENDS NEVER DIE. Former Ohio State wide receiver Terry Glenn tragically passed away in a car accident last month. For those interested, here's your chance to pay respects to one of the most electric athletes in university history at a public memorial:

 HUSKER HYPE. Here's how hectic this week was in Columbus: We barely even talked about Nebraska luring Scott Frost from Central Florida. 

And while it seemed like a destiny hire, it's still a whirlwind to convince a promising coach to leave his up-and-coming program to rebuild an historic power.


"I think deep down, he wanted to come [to Nebraska], but he also was very happy, very comfortable at Central Florida," Osborne said. "He just wanted somebody to talk to and reflect, so we spent quite a bit of time talking. And at the end of the conversation, I felt this was what he was going to do.

"Sometimes you're just not comfortable. I think he's comfortable now. I feel really good about where things are. We had a long talk. It was good to have some time with him."

Some of Frost's reservations involved his perception of Nebraska over the past two decades.

"From afar, it didn't look like the Nebraska that I knew," he said.

Impossible to hate on this hire. Though, if Frost fails to turn it around, it'd forever scuttle the notion of Nebraska being able to compete at a level it wants.

That Ohio State–Nebraska game on Nov. 3rd, 2018, just got a helluva lot more interesting, too.

 ASU PLAYS ITSELF. I have never been as confident in anything as Herm Edwards being a disaster hire for Arizona State. The Sun Devils officially introduced their new coach, who apparently didn't know he now coaches the Sun Devils:

Oh, it gets even more bizarre:

Prayers to the people with emotions invested in that program. I have no beef with the Sun Devils. I'd be contemplating a move to Siberia, though.

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