St. Valentine's Day Massacre Skull Session: May Warren G. Harding Have Mercy on the Young Buckeyes, Because Mick Marotti Won't

By D.J. Byrnes on February 19, 2016 at 4:59 am
Mick Marotti brought his executioner shades for the February 19th Skull Session

Today is a rite of passage for young Ohio State Buckeyes, for they are set to undergo strength sensei Mickey Marotti's famed "St. Valentine's Day Workout."

Although, there's a reason the players call it the St. Valentine's Day Massacre; it's one of the most grueling offseason workouts on the calendar. But team pillars like Pat Elflein relish the opportunity: 

Last respects to the damned. This week's NSFW ANTI-WORK #BANGERS are in their honor:

 LET'S TALK WOLVES. In case you've been sidelined by that Ziki Fly the last 48 hours, Ohio State's offseason theme is "land of the Wolves," which sounds as ominous as "Charlie Bear, Land of Dance" did once upon a time. (Charlie Bear was a shitty campus bar that deserved closure by the Health Department if students' sensible business choices hadn't evicted it first.)

We're all familiar with wolves, but what do we actually know about these mystic creatures? For that we turn to a professional.

From Ryan Ginn of

Top [5] Wikipedia Wolf Facts

1. In certain conditions, wolf howls can be heard over a 50 square mile area.

2. Late January and early February is also the recruiting homestretch for wolves, with mating season occurring in the winter months.

3. The average pack consists of 5-11 wolves, but packs can grow up to 40 members.

4. Wolves engage in surplus killing in winter.

5. Pups are born blind and deaf.

Let's hope surplus killing isn't the tactic used to clear those final two roster spots before August.

 RACE DEBUTS TODAY. Jesse Owens' biopicture, Race, hits theaters today:

It seems to be getting solid reviews, even if it's not expected to redefine the genre. I don't expect it will cover Owens' post-Olympics struggles, which can only be described as sad and tragic, with much detail.

Still, that doesn't mean the movie is without value:

Eat shit, Hitler.

 BASKETBALL ATTENDANCE DOWN... AGAIN. It's a good thing the men's basketball team is expected to be good next year; ticket sales aren't booming in Columbus.


Ohio State’s average men basketball attendance (12,660) is down nearly 2,000 from last year (14,648), which was down nearly 2,000 from 2014 (16,474). So it’s probably not surprising that the school is taking desperate measures to sell more tickets.

For the Michigan game Tuesday, a fan could have snatched an upper-bowl ticket for $11 on Ticketmaster. The 17,088 attendance was the largest of the season, topping the Maryland game on Jan. 31 (16,592), although it was well below the 19,500 capacity.

With home games against Michigan State on Tuesday and Iowa on Feb. 28, the school is having another fire sale, offering $16 tickets on Groupon — $9 off — for both games. Yesterday, Groupon announced “over 110 bought” for Iowa (the Big Ten co-leader) and “over 50 bought” for Michigan State.

This reminds me of the old Babe Ruth saying, "Win games and they will come."

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