Tuesday Skull Session

By D.J. Byrnes on June 2, 2015 at 4:59 am
Vonn Bell

It's Tuesday, baby! Nobody ever gets hyped for Tuesday. Why? I like Tuesday.

RUSSELL TALKS PRE-DRAFT WORK. DraftExpress.com caught up with D'Angelo Russell at a workout with other top prospects in LA:

Russell says his goal is 200 pounds, and he's "sort of proud" that he's "borderline there." He's working on consistency in his jump shot. Russell admits "he doesn't like giving anybody credit," but Chris Paul is "the best player he's ever played against." DX Express has him going No. 3 to Philadelphia.

Patient 0 might have some sneaky athleticism to him too:

HOT TAKE ARTIST DOES DRIVE-BY. Here's a shocker, somebody said a dumb thing on the internet. (No, it wasn't me... this time.) 

From Dennis Dodd of CBSSports.com:

The question for Miller is … why? Why is he staying? He could -- some think should -- exercise his God-given right to leave as a graduate transfer. It bends the mind that he has not. The depth chart includes the No. 5 Heisman vote getter (J.T. Barrett) and a guy who actually had an NFL choice to make after starting just three games (Cardale Jones).

They have massive upside. Entering his last season of eligibility, Miller is nursing a bum shoulder.

He is either unbelievably loyal or unbelievably … what is the word here? Misguided? Perhaps a bit of both.

What a shitty, underhanded game to play. Is Braxton good, or is he... stupid? Shucks, maybe it's both.

You might say, "Why even feed this troll?" To which I'd be forced to riposte your salient point with something like, "I hate the off-season."

You might then add, "You're just jealous Dodd gets paid handsomely to produce half-baked tripe. That has been a dream of yours for awhile now, after all." To which I would point out I'd do Dodd's job for half the price.

GALLOWAY DOES WHAT HE WANTS. Joey Galloway is replacing Mark May on one of ESPN's premiere college football franchises, College Football Final. On top of that, he's apparently so good at golf he can break the fundamentals and still succeed:


Right down the middle of the fairway. #Golf

A video posted by Joey Galloway (@joey_galloway) on


Apologies to the Golden Bear, Jack Nicklaus. He's now No. 2 (out of 2) on my favorite golfers list.

My Marionaire friend used to play pickup ball out in Dublin. He's p. dang good, as far as pickup players go, but one Saturday, he's getting torched by this 40-year-old thoroughbred. My friend is a about 6'3"-6-'4" and can't box this guy out. 

After getting scored on, my friend turns to his teammate and says, "Hell, man. I can't stop this guy." And his teammate replied, "Uh, you're damn right you can't. That's Joey Galloway."

The dude looks like he could start for OSU this fall. May everyone enjoy health like that at such an age. 

DADDYLUV2250? OSU should produce a series of ESPN-inspired commercials of various OSU legends running into each other at random spots on campus.

From left to right: Greg Oden, OSU wrestling coach (and national champion) Tom Ryan, and Evan Ravenel. 

You might be wondering about the "real @Daddyluv2250 site" line. @Daddyluv2250 is Oden's real Twitter handle, but Ryan tagged an extremely NSFW Greg Oden "parody" account in the original (and since-deleted) Tweet.

As our hilarious intern Kevin speculated: "Ryan probably saw 'Daddyluv2250' and said, 'No way that's the one.'"

The lesson here — as always, it seems — is the creation of a parody account should lead to a loss of liberty.

WELL PLAYED, BIG BEAR. Some people want their teams' athletes to have the devotion of a cult member to their sport and never mention anything else, ever. That'd be boring to us, THE FANS WHO JUST GET IT, MAN.

But I blame the fact that I was worrying about re-hinging my jaw after Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode (9.9 rating on IMDB), but I'm still mad I didn't make this connection sooner:

The Night's King

Shit's going to get real in Ann Arbor when Bosa — with his eyes rolled back in his head like The Undertaker — resurrects the broken corpse of Shane Morris as a sack celebration.

THOSE WMDs. Top 10 Most Likely Architectural Advancements in Next 50 Years... Paris removes 'love locks' from famed bridge... Give Rob Gronkowski the Nobel Prize... Leak suggests new #CrewSC jersey in 2016 based on city seal... Hell sucks... 驚愕の寝顔.

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