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By D.J. Byrnes on December 10, 2014 at 6:00 am
earle bruce and his grandson, zach smith

Want to see something funnier than the last few scenes of Sons of Anarchy? Yes, it's even funnier than Michigan's Alumni Association holding a three-part series on the term "Michigan Man":

Loooool. Now that we have all the nutrition of a healthy, balanced breakfast... let's continue.

HOW URBAN TOOK HIS TEAM TO SCHOOL. If only my middle school coaches knew about this, then perhaps I'd be in the NFL!

From Jonathan Clegg of The Wall Street Journal:

In academia, flipped learning turns the traditional classroom-teaching model on its head, delivering lessons online outside of class and moving homework into the classroom via individual tutoring or activities. A football team might seem to be an inapplicable environment for this, but Meyer employed a similar approach after taking over the Buckeyes, who went 6-7 the previous season.

In an effort to speed up the installation of his spread-option playbook—an offense that devastated defenses while Meyer was at Utah and Florida—Meyer decided to abandon old-school chalkboard sessions. Instead, he devoted team meetings to hands-on exercises, such as walking through plays and doing situational drills.


“That team is as well-prepared and well-coached as anyone in the country,” said Russ Lande, a former NFL scout who is now an analyst for the Big Ten Network. “They’ve really opened up the playbook, but his players are in complete command of what they’re being asked to do.”

I love reading about new innovations, because it always seems so simple. And this seems like something hatched within the Urban Meyer-Chip Kelly friendship. Whatever it is, it uh... *surveys the ashen remains of the Wisconsin Badgers* appears to be working.

 SILVER BULLETS BACK? They are, according to ESPN's Austin Ward and Urban Meyer:

Finally, after nearly three full seasons under Urban Meyer, the No. 4 Buckeyes found the balance their coach had been looking for, just in time for a four-team College Football Playoff that could throw everything from smash-mouth football to a high-flying spread offense at his team as it contends for a national championship. And on the heels of what was effectively a perfect game on the defensive side of the ball in the Big Ten championship, it appears the Buckeyes are finally ready for anything -- and more than capable of shutting it down. 


Meyer had found and used plenty of colorful words to describe the defense before this past weekend, and he reflected again hours after the game on how “abysmal” the pass coverage was heading into the postseason at this time a year ago. 

But after a long wait, and nearly three years of work, he subtly slipped in a nickname that has come to define the traditionally stout defenses Ohio State has long been known for. After Saturday night’s performance it was impossible to argue it hadn’t been earned. 

The defense was astounding on Saturday night, and if Ohio State's defense shows up like that in the playoffs... Ohio State won't be touched within 17+ points. Every coach involved on that side of the ball deserves recognition in the turn around. That unit is on the cusp of greatness.

And when you look at the defensive youth... only a willful contrarian (or an Ohio State hater) wouldn't feel excited about the future.

DAMIEN HARRIS IS A VALUED #TEEN. Yesterday, I mentioned the flurry of predictions for Mike Weber's commitment to Ohio State. But it appears Ohio State is still bringing out the big guns for 2015's No. 1 running back, Damien Harris.

And it looks like Urban Meyer wasn't the only heavy artillery in Berea, Kentucky, yesterday:

Saban! *shakes fist*

BECAUSE @TOMORR4 RUINED MY YESTERDAY. I must ruin your today. (I assume Casey Anthony is so underground ESPN couldn't find her, or the Big Nut drew the short straw, because those are the only ways this ad would be more offensive to Buckeye fans.)

And because I am a masochist (and I've always wanted to make a GIF — pronounced like the peanut butter, you heathens — I give you my inaugural labor:

lolololoolololol "im ready for ya"

(It's embarrassing how easily I amuse myself.)

TOUCHDOWN TOM HERMAN SPEAKS. Yesterday, MENSA member/Ohio State Co-Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks coach, Tom Herman, won the Broyles Award, given annually to the nation's top assistant coach. Here's his speech:

I will miss you, Touchdown Tom. I will miss you so, so much. X___X

THE MORE BELIEVABLE STORY. As much as I detest Michigan, even I find this too hard to believe:

Oh, I want to believe... but:

However, Scout's Sam Webb's report of Michigan reaching out to Les Miles makes more sense, but as Bob Wojnowski noted, Michigan is using a search firm (a bad idea in its own right) so it's likely reaching out to a lot of people right now.

I think Miles is a much likelier target than either Harbaugh, but man, I just don't think there's any doubt Miles is on the downside of his career. (Not that I'm going to be the one to stand in Michigan's way or anything.)

THOSE WMDs. 19th century Chinese jail does not look like a real good time... Report: Former OSU Asst. AD/Current Hawaii AD Ben Jay to resign... World's largest truffle sells for $61,250 at auction... That Time an NFL Team Used Truth Serum to See if a Player Was Faking Injury... This is why I don't mess with the Ivy League... Are ESPN fantasy football projections accurate?

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