Real Pod Wednesdays: Evaluating the Outlook for the 2024 Ohio State Football Team After Spring Practice

By Dan Hope and Andy Anders on April 17, 2024 at 8:38 am
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Spring football showcased how much talent Ohio State has on its 2024 roster, but also two of the biggest question marks surrounding this year’s Buckeyes.

Quarterback and offensive line have been the biggest positions of concern for Ohio State dating back to this time last season, and that didn’t change this spring. While Will Howard still looks like the frontrunner to start at quarterback for the Buckeyes, our opportunities to watch him throw this spring left us wanting more. And it’s clear Ohio State still doesn’t have five offensive linemen that it fully trusts.

All of that said, we remain confident about Ohio State beating Michigan, getting back to the top of the Big Ten and making the College Football Playoff. We believe OSU’s chances of winning the national championship are as good as just about anyone else, too, though there are plenty of hurdles the Buckeyes will have to clear first to get there.

With spring practices now complete, we share our biggest takeaways from the spring game, what we expect from the Buckeyes in the post-spring transfer window and our post-spring outlook for Ohio State’s 2024 season on this week’s episode of Real Pod Wednesdays.

The rundown:

  • 0:07: The spring game showed OSU’s talent, but didn’t answer our QB and OL questions
  • 4:51: Will Howard is still Ohio State’s likely starter; is he good enough to win a championship?
  • 13:28: It seems the quarterbacks will have much more freedom to run the ball with Chip Kelly
  • 17:19: Right guard is top transfer portal priority as offensive line isn’t where it needs to be yet
  • 26:24: Aside from offensive line, OSU doesn’t need any other starters from the transfer portal
  • 29:21: The offense “won” the spring game, but the defense was what stood out
  • 31:09: Secondary allows OSU to be more aggressive with C.J. Hicks, Sonny Styles as blitzers
  • 33:48: Post-spring transfer window will likely be busier this year, but Tuesday was a quiet first day
  • 36:50: Jaylen McClain, Sam Williams-Dixon, Eddrick Houston among spring game freshman stars
  • 38:41: Inky Jones, TC Caffey, Brennen Schramm among walk-ons who showed talent in spring game
  • 40:39: It was fun to actually see some schematic wrinkles in the spring game for a change
  • 43:29: Dan was “The Peoples Champ” of our spring game fantasy draft
  • 47:42: Confidence percentages for OSU beating Michigan, winning Big Ten, making CFP, winning natty

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