Ohio State is Looking for the Next Brutus

By D.J. Byrnes on February 18, 2014 at 4:43 pm

Today is a big day for those looking to become affiliated with the Ohio State football program. After posting a hiring notice for a recruiting assistant, the Buckeyes are in search of the next Brutus:

You are trying out to be apart of the Bru Crew. We call it the Bru Crew because saying that anyone is Brutus takes away the mystique and curiosity that comes with creating a character.

You should understand that being apart of the Bru Crew is an amazing experience but that secrecy within the program is held at a premium, because no one should know that you play Brutus. If selected, Brutus must be your top priority only 2nd to your academics at Ohio State. To tryout you must be a student currently enrolled at The Ohio State University Main Campus & must be at least freshman status during the semester of your tryout. You must be in good academic standing, which means that by the NCAA/Big Ten Standard cumulative GPA must be a 2.0 or higher. Upon selection as mascot, a mascot may not make below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average in order to stay as mascot. All Bru Crew members must make themselves available during the summer unless the coaching staff has excused you. The same goes for the regular school year. The students who served as mascots the previous year are eligible to serve as mascot the following year, with a maximum of up to four years of service. You may petition for a 5th year so long as the same commitment or more may be given to the program throughout the eligible year. Becoming Brutus is no easy task. The tryout process is very structured and is designed to develop the best fit as a member of the Bru Crew. To tryout, you must attend an Orientation session and a three-day Brutus Clinic. In addition, you may attend a Skit Workshop, but this is optional.

Who knew becoming Brutus was tantamount to joining a secret cult? 

Details on the full process (which include orientation, a skit workshop and Bru Crew clinic) can be found HERE.

Hopefully whatever freshman specimen that makes it through these rigorous tryouts will represent better than whoever let Rufus the Bobcat get the drop on them a few years back:

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