Ohio State is Hiring a Recruiting Assistant

By DJ Byrnes on February 18, 2014 at 11:19a

Urban Meyer lists recruiting as his No. 1 priority. Have you ever wanted to do more than cheer the Buckeyes on to victory on Saturday? Do you have one year of college coaching experience and a four-year degree?

Well now's your chance, per Football Scoop:

Ohio State is seeking to hire a recruiting assistant who has at least one year of college coaching experience. The position will support the planning execution of the vision of the recruiting calendar (mail, video, graphics, social media, etc...), assist with on-campus recruiting, etc...Ohio State encourages applications from individuals with disabilities, minorities, veterans and women. EEO / AA employer.

Not sure how open this job is to women, because I don't know any that would fill the one year of college coaching requirement, but alas.

Every coach/football staffer has started in the pits, and this position appears to be more prestigious than most. Salary is listed as "open," and this is a full-time position.

Interested? You can apply here


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This will require absurd hours and incredibly hard work but would be an amazing glimpse into the inner workings of a college football team and recruiting

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The good ol' "4 year degree" requirement. FWIW some of the most vibrant/best sales guys I have met didnt even finish High School.

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This job description reads mostly as back-of-the-house/support staff type stuff. I'm sure Pantoni is looking for someone who can sell themselves in an interview--at the very least--but the contact with players seems to be limited to checking flights and making sure their tickets/credentials are ready. And even that might just involve a handoff to the pretty snow bunny host.

The coaching experience thing is interesting, since most of the coaches (HS, NCAA and NFL) I know love the games/practice but have either no time or inclination for the  logistical duties. To my knowledge, Pantoni has no coaching experience but he's the first "gatekeeper" when it comes to breaking down film and recommending a prospect.

Even with no coaching experience, I applied. We'll see what happens haha.

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I've got 1 year of middle school coaching experience and a master's degree.  I wonder if my master's would make up for the lack of college experience.  

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I read Ross' break downs religiously and have a Bachelors and my DDS.  Is that close enough?

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I have three years of coaching middle school experience and a masters degree plus I went to Bowling Green and graduated from high school in Florida. I also coached Jeff Demps' pee-wee coach. I am so in.

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I was captain of my seventh grade dodge ball team. We took third place that year, but prolly would have finished first had I not tore my labrum, mid-season. I know how to identify talent!



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aside from the work load, I was wondering why someone like Birm or Alex or any of the other recruiting guys at 11w would try and get involved in something like this?

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aside from the work load, I was wondering why someone like Birm or Alex or any of the other recruiting guys at 11w would try and get involved in something like this?

$$$, didn't look at the posting but I doubt this position pays out like a coach.

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I bring in top classes perennially on EA Sports NCAA 2014.  I'll await your call, Buckeyes.

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This position is to replace John Bowers, who left to become an assistant coach at James Madison. Bowers worked with Meyer as a position coach and recruiting coordinator at Bowling Green. He had other coaching experience, as well. That is what Meyer and Pantoni are looking for with this hire. This isn't some intern or entry level job, but I believe there are some of those positions open after a few other departures. 

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I got this - I went to college, I can motivate people (we'll call that coaching) & I know how to use Instagram & vine...Stop sending applications now as I have this in the bag.

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It's mine. I'm selling my dental practice and moving back to Columbus.


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What does everyone think the salary for this would be? Somewhere around 40-50k? Just curious.

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That would be my guess but that is just a guess.   I have no knowledge.  I don't think it would be as low as 30K since they want a 4 year degree.    

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RH directors start out at 34k, so it has to be at least 40K or more.

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Sounds like a grind position for sure. Fortunately my buddy has coaching and recruting experience, hard worker, and overall great person. He just heard back that he has a phone interview setup for tonight. Wish him luck!

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Wow, that is awfully fast turnaround :-) Wish him the best of luck and hope he gets it

There is nothing more remarkable as learning to think better.

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Yea I was shocked. I was trying to get him in through a connection I have, but apparently he has his own through a former coach at OSU.

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Very cool, good luck to him.

Note to self, initiate preliminary Premium Lounge VIP insider access protocol for BAR43...

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The job is mine, Urban just left my house, he came down to Florida for an in-house visit with me. He is really serious about going after Florida talent this year!

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Hah! It would be great to have an 11W insider taking a position like this!

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I have one season of YMCA youth soccer coaching under my belt. Yes. That's right. Sorry to break everyone's heart but I've got one foot in the door with that resume. 40k though? Let's talk Urbs.

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My dad once bought me a football. Do those top shelf credentials earn me an interview?

Just out of curiosity wasn't a "recruiting assistant" on the back of Bobby Petrino's motorcycle when he hit the ditch? Maybe that is why they require one year of collegiate football coaching experience...

Our arch rivals.... 11 National Championships, 10 before 1949 - eight of eleven shared. Trying to respect them... trying.... Ugh!

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Union or non-union?



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I am a white man......I do not fit the criteria.......lol

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Sad to say this is rather accurate. My buddy has some solid college coaching experience and has had interviews for assistant and GA positions with a few top tier programs. He was told point blank by two of them that they really liked him and would offer him the position but since he was not a minority they had to go with other candidate.

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Dream job - 90 plus hours a week - who cares you're working for the best University on the planet.