Meyer's Mentions: A UM Fan Will Convert if Urban Pays His Mortgage, a Very Bad Quarter and Urban is 6-0 V. Michigan

By Jimmy Longo on November 27, 2017 at 9:35 am
Urban Meyer

Being the coach of the local team at any institution, you're going to get a lot of heat. At Ohio State, Urban Meyer isn't free from the Twitter fingers.

It was a tale of two internets during the Buckeyes' 31-20 trouncing of Michigan Saturday afternoon on a fall day in Ann Arbor. The first quarter may have actually been the worst quarter of football I've seen from an Ohio State offense this season.

Without the ineptitude of Johnny O'Korn and Young Simba becoming becoming king of the pride near the end of the third quarter, Ann Arbor would have gone up in flames and so would have Urban Meyer's Twitter. 

But first:


Michigan fans in 2017 are actually willing to convert to the A Team as long as Urban pays off their mortgage. Do not show this to Jim Harbaugh, at all costs. We must keep him as the head coach of the team that loses to Ohio State every late November.

My favorite movie happening of all time is when they show the part in Fever Pitch where Jimmy Fallon's character shows his bathroom, full on with Yankee toilet paper. This is essentially the same instance.

L.A. my man, if you didn't get a like, it's okay. Your baby is going to grow up and be a Buckeye. I said it first. Speak it into existence.

The fallout from the Tennessee—Greg Schiano scandal will continue to trickle out further this morning and the rest of the week, perhaps even longer. But regardless, one thing is very clear — I hope that the University of Tennessee cannot get one better, single, breathing human to coach their football team than the same man that calls Ohio State by "Ohio."

A Very Meyer Thanksgiving

The game

Things happened — the first quarter, J.T. and the cameraman, his injury, Haskins off the bench, Dobbins. And finally, Weber collectively being the reason his entire state will spend the next year with nightmares of the hometown kid ripping off a run up the right side and breaking the cold-hearted Wolverines. It was glorious.

the first quarter happens

The majority of the ATCFBCA (American Twitter College Football Coaches' Association) was vying for Urban to continually run the ball against the then seventh-ranked run defense in the country. With Rashan Gary occupying the middle of the run defense. Forgive me folks, but I get it if Urban was feeling it out a little.

Compelling analysis, @glowww20.  

What game were you watching, Joshua?

You should have deleted this tweet when you had the chance Chris.

"My Ohio State Buckeyes" :''''')

So they definitely went to bed the night before the game, but the night of the win? Pshh yeah, they all got at least 10 hours of sleep!

Makes (no) sense.

And then, the tide turned

Very good Ohio State football players scored — Barrett on a scamper and a pass to Marcus Baugh eerily reminiscent of the Penn State game-winning touchdown. From 14-0 deficit, Michigan would be outscored the rest of the way 31-6.

After Barrett came out with the knee injury:

 And finally:

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