Northwestern Pregame Picks: Staff Score Predictions, Picks Against the Spread and Eleven Warriors Prop Bets

By 11W Staff on November 5, 2022 at 10:05 am
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The worst team in the Big Ten, Northwestern is 1-7 this season, including just 1-4 against the spread at home.

Good morning, Buckeye Nation!

Ohio State is expected to blowout Northwestern this afternoon, in a game that will kick off at 12 p.m. (11 a.m. local time) in Evanston, Illinois. Even with the huge spread and early game, the Buckeyes appear to be ready to go and fired up to start their game day.

Although oddsmakers believe that Ohio State will win by more than five touchdowns, there is still plenty on the line for the Buckeyes. It's another opportunity to not only improve and continue to develop, but showcase all of the talent Ryan Day's team has on both sides of the ball, all while adding a few style points as well, if possible. It also gives the younger players another shot to impress the coaches and get some in-game experience, which could pay dividends down the road.

The weather could be an issue, as the forecast calls for a bunch of rain and 40-mile-per-hour winds. Then again, the weather might be the only thing that will slow Ohio State down this afternoon.

Eleven Warriors Staff Score Predictions

Ramzy Nasrallah: Ohio State 59, Northwestern 7. "Will the Buckeyes win by 52? Or 28? Or 69? I guess it all comes down to what they feel like doing today ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Dan Hope: Ohio State 52, Northwestern 7. "Ohio State hasn’t yet held an opponent to single digits this season, but I think that changes this week. Northwestern is bad on both sides of the ball, so the Buckeyes should be able to control this game fully."

Garrick Hodge: Ohio State 62, Northwestern 3. "Only thing left is to unveil the yellow tape to prevent onlookers from stumbling across what’s sure to be a crime scene. But hey, at least Northwestern is undefeated in games played internationally."

Chase Brown: Ohio State 45, Northwestern 7. "At the time of submitting this score, it's supposed to rain cats and dogs with 40 mph winds in Evanston, Illinois, but not even the elements can stop Ohio State from claiming a blowout against Northwestern."

Johnny Ginter: Ohio State 54, Northwestern 10. "I'm calling this one a Jim Tressel special because after losing to Northwestern in 2004, the Wildcats became pretty much the only team he was willing to absolutely annihilate (by an average of about my prediction)."

Matt Gutridge: Ohio State 52, Northwestern 10. "Ryan Field is supposed to be renovated in the near future. The destruction phase will begin today when the Buckeyes wreck Northwestern. Ohio State extends its 20+ point streak to 70 games and the 40+ point streak to eight straight."

Josh Poloha: Ohio State 59, Northwestern 10. "The only two questions I have: How many points will the Buckeyes' backups be able to score (in terms of the spread and over/under) and how much will the weather affect the game? It'll be a blowout nonetheless."

Jason Priestas: Ohio State 51, Northwestern 6.

Chris Lauderback: Ohio State 42, Northwestern 7.

Griffin Strom: Ohio State 59, Northwestern 7.

Kyle Jones: Ohio State 56, Northwestern 10.

Andy Vance: Ohio State 49, Northwestern 6.

Jared Naughton: Ohio State 52, Northwestern 7.

George Eisner: Ohio State 56, Northwestern 7.

Check out this week's Eleven Warriors Roundtable for score predictions from Andy Vance and George Eisner.

Will Ohio State Cover?

Opening as a 36-point favorite over Northwestern, Ohio State is now listed as a 38-point favorite as of this morning, according to betJack.

At the current spread, roughly 86 percent (12 of 14) of our staff predictions believe that the Buckeyes will cover the massive spread in Evanston Saturday afternoon. Chris Lauderback has Ohio State just barely not covering (win by 35) and Chase Brown has the final score differential right at 38.

What About the Over?

The current over/under is 55.5 as of this morning, according to betJack. For what it's worth, four writers have the Buckeyes covering that number alone.

At the current over/under, roughly 79 percent (11 of 14) of our staff predictions believe the final score total will hit the over. Lauderback (49), Brown (52) and Andy Vance (55) are the only three who think the total score will finish under that magical 56 number.

Eleven Warriors House Prop Bets

There can never be too many options when it comes to betting, right? Luckily, we have more for you. Along with the spread and over/under, here are a few Eleven Warriors in-house prop lines ahead of Saturday afternoon's kickoff. Leave your predictions in the comments believe and compete for some bragging rights.

  • How many passing yards will C.J. Stroud finish with?
    • Over 294.5 (-110)
    • Under 294.5 (-110)
  • How many touchdowns will Stroud throw?
    • Over 3.5 (+120)
    • Under 3.5 (-150)
  • How many rushing yards will Miyan Williams combine to run for?
    • Over 115.5 (-110)
    • Under 115.5 (-110)
  • How many receiving yards will Marvin Harrison Jr. have?
    • Over 114.5 (-110)
    • Under 114.5 (-110)
  • Will Ohio State have a defensive or special teams touchdown?
    • Yes (+220)
    • No (-190)

What are some of your thoughts on the game in terms of (fun) betting purposes? Do you think Ohio State will cover the spread? Why or why not? How about the over/under? What are some of your favorite prop bets if you could make them up yourself? Leave your answers in the comments.

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