Presser Bullets: Ryan Day Says "You Can See the Talent Level" on Ohio State's Roster, C.J. Stroud Calls Dwayne Haskins "An Inspiration" After Spring Game

By Griffin Strom on April 16, 2022 at 2:58 pm

Another spring game is in the books for the Buckeyes, as Team Scarlet notched a 34-26 win over Team Gray in Saturday's intrasquad scrimmage.

After a prolonged look at his offense and defense and a number of standout performances on both sides of the ball, Ohio State head coach Ryan Day took the podium after the game to discuss what he saw on the field during the exhibition.

Following Day, C.J. Stroud, Evan Pryor and J.T. Tuimoloau stepped up to the mic to talk about the game, with defensive coordinator Jim Knowles speaking with the media after that.

For a rundown of everything the Buckeyes said in the post-game press conference, check out the bullet-point breakdown below.

Ryan Day

  • Day says both the offense and defense were "very basic" in the spring game, but that he was happy to see the physicality on the field.
  • Julian Fleming was "day-to-day" ahead of the game, and Day says the Buckeyes held him out as a precautionary measure.
  • On Kye Stokes and Jordan Hancock, among others, Day says "you can see the talent level."
  • Day says Evan Pryor has had a "really good spring" and "gives a little wiggle in there, which is nice." Day says he "will have an impact on the offense this year."
  • On Stroud, Day says he's been "taking what the defense gives you" and "wanted to get back in there in the last drive" of the spring game.
  • On Stroud honoring Dwayne Haskins, Day says "I know Dwayne meant a lot to C.J. ... it was emotional for C.J."
  • Day feels "pretty solid" about the top four-to-six players at wide receiver right now.
  • "We do have three really good running backs, and we have a fourth coming in this summer, Dallan Hayden."
  • On Jack Sawyer and J.T. Tuimoloau: "If they continue to build this summer, they're gonna be a force this fall."
  • Day says "it's exciting over there right now" on the Buckeye defensive line.
  • "We're gonna have to be physical ... if we're tough and we have leadership, we're gonna have a chance next year."
  • On Joe Royer and the Buckeye tight ends, Day says "I've been impressed with the tight ends. Losing Ruck was certainly significant ... Joe and Gee have been excellent." Day also mentions Cade Stover, Mitch Rossi and Bennett Christian.

QB C.J. Stroud, RB Evan Pryor, DE J.T. Tuimoloau

  • Stroud says he just wanted to honor Haskins because "that's a big brother of mine," and that his "last play at the Shoe was a touchdown."
  • Stroud says Haskins was "always an inspiration" and that he used to watch him on the Elite 11 documentaries. Stroud says "I definitely think Dwayne was a great human being, first and foremost."
  • Tuimoloau says he's been working on technique and pre-snap reads with Larry Johnson this offseason.
  • Tuimoloau says he was only getting his feet wet last season, and thinks he can bring a lot more to the table in 2022.
  • Pryor says every time he touches the ball, the only thing he's thinking about is scoring the ball.
  • Tuimoloau says he's seen Stokes and Hancock make "a lot" of plays in the secondary even before Saturday during the spring.
  • Tuimoloau says "it felt great" to get hit in Saturday's spring game.
  • Stroud says "our defensive line looks amazing" and that the entire defense has made strides.
  • Tuimoloau says the Buckeyes are coming with a "different energy" and are "holding each other accountable" on defense in 2022.

DC Jim Knowles

  • Knowles on how the defensive transition has gone through the spring: "It was as good or better than I could have wished."
  • Knowles says he was very pleased with the performances that Stokes and Hancock put together on Saturday. Knowles thought Stokes had a "great game" and "rose to the occasion" and flashed in the spring game. "I'm looking at good things for him."
  • On the Buckeye defensive line: "I don't really care who starts, to be honest with you. ... The more, the better."
  • Knowles says he'll have to "invest more in who (the players on the defense) are and how they're living" moving forward.
  • The biggest revelation of the spring for Knowles was that "regardless of talent, these players that we have want to learn. They soaked up everything I did."
  • Knowles says his biggest concern is on the back end because of several players being injured at safety during the spring. "I'm always worried about depth back there."
  • On Jack Sawyer: "I love the way he plays, I love his toughness. And Jack is the type of kid that snaps back a little bit. I'm from Philly, I kind of like that."
  • Knowles says he "really saw improvement" from Proctor in the last few spring practices.
  • Knowles says "I haven't heard anything" about Mitchell Melton's health.
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