Friday Night Fights: Georgia

By Jared Naughton on December 30, 2022 at 6:15 pm

Welcome back to Friday Night Fights.

This is your chance to prove to yourself, or to others, that you are an expert in predicting Ohio State's football success. FNF keeps the receipts and shows everyone how good your takes were – if you are feeling particularly bold, get in the comments and defend your take.

When we last fought, well, it is probably best if we do not dive too deep into that. It was rather hard to find a take from that week to highlight, so in the interest of moving forward we will do our best to erase that day from our minds.

Here's how you voted during TTUN week.Poll Results

Let's get to it – here's how FNF works:

  1. Vote below.
  2. Comment below with how you think the game will go. Be funny, correct, bold or – better yet – all three.
  3. Check in on Fridays to see if your take gets framed. Then we'll rinse and repeat next Friday.
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