Ohio State to Reportedly Wear “EQUALITY” Decal on the Back of Helmets for 2020 Season

By Kevin Harrish on October 14, 2020 at 1:56 pm
Ohio State to wear

Ohio State's helmets will feature a simple message this year.

While the final product has not been finalized yet, the Buckeyes are expected to wear a decal with the word "EQUALITY" on their helmets this season, assistant athletic director for player development Ryan Stamper told the Columbus Dispatch.

The decal is expected to be in black capital letters and will be placed on the back bottom of the helmet.

“One thing we wanted to do is have one message that was something the entire team agreed with,” Stamper told The Dispatch. “Meeting with the leadership committee and others, that was something that everybody felt was a strong statement and word for our team and what we believe in, and we’re going put it on the helmet and pretty much show the country with everything that's been going on.

In his Tuesday press conference, Day said the team was talking about putting a social justice message on the back of the team's helmets this year with Stamper leading the process and that a final decision and presumably announcement would be made later this week.

Day said the decision to wear the decal was made by the players, and they have the support of the coaching staff.

“We're really proud of our players,” Day said on Tuesday. “This is something that they've led from the inside out, something they feel strong about. I think, like I've said from the beginning, it's the job of our coaches and the head coach to advocate for the players and their voices.”

Ohio State is expected to debut the decals on Oct. 24 during its season-opening matchup with Nebraska.

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