Thursday Bullet Points: Ryan Day Talks Chase Young Closure, the Onside Kick Against Maryland and Rashod Berry Playing Both Ways

By Kevin Harrish and Colin Hass-Hill on November 14, 2019 at 12:57 pm

After a blowout win over Maryland, the Buckeyes head to Piscataway this week to take on Rutgers

Ryan Day made his final weekly media appearances on Thursday, joining 97.1 The Fan for his weekly radio show followed by his brief afternoon media availability in the team room.

Day was also joined by co-defensive coordinator and secondary coach Jeff Hafley on his radio show.

Here's a breakdown.

Ryan Day Radio Show on 97.1 The Fan

Ryan Day

On bottling up Anthony McFarland
  • It was a challenge all week.
  • "We knew what he had done last year to us and that he's really talented."
  • "That defense was really hungry and felt like it was being challenged from the start of the game."
On Chase Young's suspension
  • "Time to move forward on that."
  • "It's a relief to Chase."
  • Day says Chase Young won't travel with the team, but will practice.
How do you choose player's numbers?
  • Day said players will request numbers during recruiting, and they do their best to honor them.
  • "Because the numbers are in such high demand, as long as they're not on the field at the same time you're okay."
  • "As long as they're in good standing, they'll get the number."
On KJ Hill's touchdown
  • "That was something we put in this week."
  • Day said they game-planned for Maryland's red zone defense.
  • "Once that was called once, then we could face it."
  • Day said it worked as a perfect counter late in the game.
On the onside kick
  • "Certain teams, it's not there."
  • Day said the look has to be right, and they saw it was possible.
  • Day credited Matt Barnes, who saw it during the week.
  • Day said he made a deal with the kickoff team that if they tackle him inside the 20-yard line, they'd do it on the third kick, and they help him to it.
  • Day said it had to be perfect placement, because if someone were there to call a fair catch, then they could have, but it worked perfectly.
On Rashod Berry playing both ways
  • "He asked us a couple of weeks ago about going back over there. He thinks he can help us out rushing the passer."
  • "He did a good job. He came off the edge and showed power and explosiveness."
  • Day said he'll continue to work with Larry Johnson to improve.
On Jonah Jackson's return
  • "He's a prideful guy, so I don't think this will be easy for him."
  • Day said he's put a lot into that program.
  • "He's been great for Ohio State and Ohio State has been great for him."
  • "It was the right fit."
  • "To see him come here and flourish has been great."
On Rutgers coming off a bye week
  • "I think now, in November, it's typically just about getting your rest and getting guys fresh."
  • Day said you still have to be on your toes in case they pull something out.
On returning to New Jersey
  • "We love Jersey in terms of recruiting."
  • Day mentions Jordan Fuller, Jonah Jackson, Chris Chugunov
  • "It's good to be back over there."
On Chris Chugunov
  • "He got into a rhythm and threw some really nice balls."
  • Day said actually playing a live game is much different than playing in practice and it sometimes takes Chugunov some time to adjust since most of his reps come in practice.
  • "He's played good when he's been in the game so far this year."

Jeff Hafley

On going back home to New Jersey
  • "It's been a long time since I've been there."
  • Hafley said he has not been back in Piscataway since he left to the Tampa Bay Bucs.
On Jordan Fuller
  • "Jordan might be the least talked about guy of all of them."
  • "What he does for us mentally is one of the things people don't realize."
  • "He sees it all."
  • "It goes unnoticed when you see it on TV or on film."
  • Hafley said his tackling has saved Ohio State many times.
On Shaun Wade
  • "Just his versatility."
  • Hafley said they "ask him to do a lot and they ask him to think a lot."
  • Hafley praised his ability to do many things for the defense
On the defensive line
  • "I tell the guys in the DB room all the time, this system is built around the d-line."
  • "You can see early in the game what kind of game it is when you see the o-line go backwards."
  • "Those first couple of plays when you see the offensive line going backwards, it's going to be a very good day."
  • Hafley said that makes things easy on the defensive backs.

Ryan Day's Press Conference With The Local Media

  • C.J. Saunders has been ruled out for Saturday’s game. Day isn’t sure whether he’ll be ruled out for the whole season.
  • On whether he expected so much production as a freshman from Larry Johnson: “I didn’t know. Kind of like you, I wasn’t sure.” He says Harrison is one of the most improved players on the team, which is a designation not typically reserved for freshmen.
  • Day says where the ball goes on passes is typically due to the coverage. “I think the throws being over the ball in that middle area is probably more based on the coverage we’re seeing.”
  • On the Chase Young situation: “I can’t say enough about our compliance department here.” He says they did an “unbelievable” job through the process and communicated well. He says Young was “admirable” during the ordeal.
  • Day says he’d have been “very concerned” if he knew that Jonathon Cooper and Chase Young would miss so many games. “A lot of guys have stopped up in a big way.” He says he can’t say enough about Larry Johnson and the depth he has built.
  • Asked about the more unheralded seniors: “We have some unbelievable guys on this team who are the heart and soul of what we do.” He says the seniors have “been around here a long time” and know how players should act in November.
  • Day says Chase Young “wants to stay here” rather than go to Rutgers, and Day agrees. He says Young will remain in Columbus to lift and prepare to rejoin the team on Sunday.
  • He says “good offenses have plays, and then plays off of plays.” He says he looks to execute in those areas.
  • On the senior defensive tackles: “I think they’re all men.” He says “it’s great to have veteran guys like that who play veteran.”
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