10 Reasons to Hate Maryland

By JL Kirven on November 8, 2019 at 8:20 pm
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No Buckeye football for almost two weeks? You better believe we're ready to hate.

10) Hard to hate 

Maryland is one of those teams that’s hard to hate. They’re one of the conference’s newer additions, so there aren't generations of hate that many of the Buckeyes' conference opponents have. Right now, the Terrapins are at a level of dislike, they’ll need to win something first to get to the level of hate. 

9) Terrapins

I like turtles but it’s already pretty lame to be have one as your mascot, And to confuse everyone by calling it a Terrapin is just a cry for attention. Maybe they should rebrand themselves to the Maryland Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’d be cowabunga, right? 

8) New to the party

Like stated earlier, Maryland is a one of the newer additions to the Big Ten. It hasn’t been a total dud in its five years since joining the conference but it certainly hasn’t taken over either. It doesn’t have any major rivalries, well maybe except Penn State. After a refusal to shake hands before a game, the Terrapins landed on the Nittany Lions' bad side. 

7) Annapolis

Not every state’s most popular city is its capital, but Maryland’s is kind of a dud. Annapolis, no not Baltimore, is the only capital east of the Mississippi without a railroad that goes through it. Isn’t that whack? Who doesn’t like trains? Columbus is what many state capitals should aspire to be like. It’s beautiful, fun and has trains. Step up your game, Annapolis. 

6) Their flag is over the top 

Well, look who went to art school. I’ll admit I love state flags. To me it’s really neat that each state has that unique piece of pride and creativity, but Maryland just went way over the top. It’s like Paris meets the racetrack. You know that kid that took the class assignment way too far just so he could stand there smug with a gold star on his forehead? Yeah, that’s Maryland with their state flag. 

5) Maryland basketball 

Those Terrapins can hoop. Like really hoop. The Big Ten knew that would be a sport they’d make a splash in when they joined the conference after being a force in the ACC for many years. They haven’t been able to overcome the best the conference has to offer consistently, but they did put a 100-65 beatdown on the Buckeyes in 2016. Yikes. 

4) The Move

My grandfather is a diehard Cleveland sports fan. He’s been through everything. The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, the list goes on. After all that hurt he still feels like the worst thing to happen to the city’s sports scene was The Move. When Art Modell moved the Browns to Baltimore and won titles, Cleveland has been stuck with an expansion team that’s played like an expansion team since 1999. It’s given Ohio a very solid reason to hate the state of Maryland.

3) Maryland lacrosse 

Lacrosse is probably the school’s best sport. Imagine that. You go to Maryland and your friend asks you what it’s like to go to a basketball school and you have to sit there and lie to his face knowing good and well your best team is the LAX squad. 

2) They’re in that prime upset spot

I don’t have to remind everyone of how dangerous it can be to overlook the underdog. Iowa, and Purdue have made Ohio State the laughing stock of the country two years in a row. With the Buckeyes rattling off eight blowout wins, a slip up would hurt. Treat them like a top-tier team and end this one quickly.

1) DJ Durkin 

No explanation needed.

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