Drue Chrisman's Camp Check-In Shirts Tell an Unmatched Love Story

By Kevin Harrish on August 5, 2019 at 5:25 pm
Drue Chrisman loves his mormon Fiance

Buckeye nation has had the privilege of watching Drue Chrisman's romantic life progress, one shirt at a time.

At his first fall camp back in 2017, Chrisman arrived at the team hotel rocking a shirt that publicly announced his affection for Mormon girls (and perhaps unintentionally, it also proclaimed his apparent singleness).

He loves mormon girls.

But he did not stay single for long! By next camp, his dating life had improved, and likewise, his shirt took the natural progression.

He loves his mormon girlfriend.

A few months ago, Chrisman famously proposed to his Mormon girlfriend on the field during the team's annual spring game.

As you can tell by the shirt, she said yes.

He loves his mormon fiance.

We now await anxiously next year's "I ♥ MY MORMON WIFE."

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