Michigan Assistant Chris Partridge is Bitter About Greg Mattison and Al Washington Leaving For Ohio State, Says He Thinks About Last Season's Loss Every Day

By Kevin Harrish on April 11, 2019 at 1:56 pm
Chris Partridge is still salty about Michigan's lopsided loss against Ohio State.
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It's been almost five months, but it seems the north is still recovering from the 62-39 beatdown the Buckeyes handed the Wolverines at the end of the season.

Meeting with the media on Thursday afternoon, Michigan safeties coach and special teams coordinator Chris Partridge said that he still thinks about the loss every day, and that he carries that energy into how he coaches his team.

"I've got blood in my mouth, there's no qualms about it," Partridge said. "For me, the motivation is how last year... I don't wake up a day and not think about it, that's for sure. I know Don (Brown) feels the same way."

Partridge also revealed a perhaps more personal vendetta this year, admitting that he definitely feels some animosity for Greg Mattison and Al Washington for trading loyalties this offseason and joining Ryan Day's staff.

"I want to be candid, those guys left, and it was another shot," Partridge said. "It wasn't okay."

There's still almost eight months until next season's game, but it's pretty clear that bitterness is going to fester until the Buckeyes make the trip to Ann Arbor, and the Wolverines will have revenge on their minds.

"We're going to try to make sure that scoreboard never looks like it did last year," Partridge said.

We all know how that revenge tour worked out last time...

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