Buckeye B-@-tle Cry: Ohio State Fans Loved the Win Over Michigan State, but They Loved Their Punter Even More

By David Regimbal on November 12, 2018 at 9:35 am
Dru Chrisman
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Every week, Eleven Warriors will dive into the mentions of Ohio State's coaches and players to bring you the #HotTakes and ramblings of Buckeye Nation. This week, fans celebrated the Tate Martell appearance and a masterful performance from punter Dru Chrisman during Ohio State's 26-6 win over Michigan State.

The offense didn't flex its muscle like it did in last year's matchup with the Spartans, but an otherworldly outing from Chrisman and the best defensive showing of the season gave the Buckeyes a much-needed win over a quality opponent.

Ohio State came into the week ranked No. 10 in the College Football Playoff standings and in control of its own destiny for the Big Ten East Division title. The win boosts the Buckeyes' chances on both fronts as the regular season winds down.

Let's dive into the mentions.

@ Urban Meyer

Hmm, I suspect someone hasn't been paying attention this year.

The calls for Martell came early and often as some fans wanted to see the scrub who will shatter Ohio State's single-season passing record in game 11 next week. Humans are amazing.


Brendon White has been an enormous difference maker on this defense.

Tweeting Eleven Warriors #content at the coach. Not the worst look.

My favorite part of this tweet is when he hashtagged "#collegefootball!!!"


- This guy said, in all seriousness, of a 9-1 football team.

- This guy said, in all seriousness, while his Buckeyes beat one of the toughest teams in the country, on the road, by 20 points.

Twitter is so weird.

Tweet of the week goes to Brendan. 

@ Greg Schiano

No Buckeye coach has taken more flack on Twitter this season than ole' Greg. His defense has been gashed far too often, and it looked like the unit was in for another rough week when the Spartans connected on some big passes to start the game.

This is an amazing trend I've noticed throughout the course of this feature. I've found when the game announcers are critical of something particular the Buckeyes are doing, the natives flock to Twitter to complain about that very thing. This week's critique was the "bailout technique" announcer Joe Klatt pointed out.

There were no fewer than 10 tweets about this "bailout" coverage by the corners, and I'd bet my life savings that maybe two of these people had ever heard or were aware of that concept before the game.

That was pretty much it for the Schiano mentions. Twitter got real quite as the Buckeyes completely shut down the Spartans attack.

@ Tate Martell

The first quarter hadn't come to a close yet and people were calling for their favorite backup quarterback.

Meyer checked his Twitter and realized his error, because he finally gave Martell some red-zone snaps to boost a slumping run game.

"Tim Twobow" is incredible.

"Don't transfer or anything."

While it was great to see Martell, let's get to the real MVP.

@ Dru Chrisman

Few tweets in the history of Twitter aged so poorly, so quickly.

Actually he's a punter.

I honestly don't know what's more disrespectful, spelling his name "Erban" or calling for a quarterback change in Chrisman's mentions.


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