Game Day Weather Forecast: Expect Cool Air and a Dry Afternoon for Ohio State's Big Ten Matchup with Minnesota

By 11W Staff on October 13, 2018 at 6:40 am
Weather forecast for Ohio State's game against the Minnesota Golden Gophers on Oct. 13, 2018

Last week did not feel like October. This week? Yep, it's definitely October in Ohio.

Expect temperatures in the mid-40s for No. 3 Ohio State's Big Ten clash with the Minnesota Golden Gophers in Ohio Stadium today.

It'll be approaching 50º for the second half kickoff with the thermostat rising to a high of 54º towards the end of the game, scheduled to kick off at noon.

And while the ground may still be wet from overnight rain, the odds of precipitation will be hovering near zero for most of the game. It may sprinkle for a second, but don't expect much in the way of rain.

Tailgating early? You may see a bit more in the way of rain with odds of precipitation at 9% at 8 a.m. and then steadily falling from there. It may also be 38º around breakfast time, so do dress appropriately.

If you're interested in catching “The Best Damn Band in the Land” prior to the game, take notice:

7:30 a.m. Final rehearsal at Lincoln Tower Park
9:30 a.m. March from Ohio Stadium to St. John Arena
9:40 a.m. Skull Session at St. John Arena
11:15 a.m. March from St. John Arena to Ohio Stadium
11:45 a.m. Ramp entrance and pregame performance

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