Brian Hartline Set to Make $105,000 For the 2018 Season

By Kevin Harrish on August 6, 2018 at 4:20 pm
Brian Hartline will make $105,000

Brian Hartline will make a base $105,000 this season as Ohio State's interim wide receivers coach after he was promoted to the position following Zach Smith's termination, according to the term sheet for his contract, released by Ohio State on Monday.

Hartline replaces Smith, who was set to make $340,000 this year, though Hartline's contract is only for five months, beginning on July 25 and running through Dec. 31.

In addition to the base pay, Hartline is also eligible for bonuses based on team accomplishments. He will receive an 8.5 percent bonus if the team wins the Big Ten East and an additional 4.5 percent bonus if the team wins the Big Ten title game.

Hartline will also receive a 17 percent bonus if the team reaches a College Football Playoff Bowl game, and an additional 21.25 percent bonus if the Buckeyes make just the semifinals of the College Football Playoff, or a 25 percent bonus if they reach the title game.

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