J.T. Barrett Crosses Out 'M' on Wolverine Football at Autograph Signing

By 11W Staff on March 24, 2018 at 5:34 pm
Michigan football

The rivalry never sleeps. 

At an autograph signing in Toledo on Saturday, J.T. Barrett was handed a collectible football with the Michigan block 'M' on the front. 

Barrett, in the spirit of the rivalry, took the football and crossed out the 'M' before signing his name. 

As a city divided in the rivalry, it is good to see Barrett doing his part to keep the Glass City a Buckeye town. 

This isn't the first time Barrett took a shot at the Wolverines at an autograph signing. In January following his appearance in the East-West Shrine Game, Barrett returned to Columbus and signed one of the cannonball helmets worn in the 2016 edition of The Game, with the phrase, 'It was a 1st down Harbaugh.'

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