The 11W Top Play Poll: Week 8 - Penn State

By Kyle Jones on October 31, 2017 at 6:30 pm
There are plenty of contenders this week after the 39-38 comeback win over Penn State.

Oh, what a week it's been.

While Urban Meyer, J.T. Barrett, and the rest of the Buckeyes insist they've already left last weekend's 39-38 comeback win over Penn State in the rearview mirror, it certainly appears that many in the great state of Ohio aren't ready to do the same. 

The season-changing victory offered saw numerous members of the scarlet and gray create memorable moments, yet here at the Top Play poll, the reigning four-time champion played a minimal role. After fellow tight end Marcus Baugh hauled in the game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter, Berry may have seen his tenure at the top come to an end.

However, the Rushmen, #ZoneSix, and one of the fastest players in college football also staked their claim to the throne. Let's go to the nominees:

1) Denzel Ward flies off the edge to block a punt with 11 minutes to play

No one could catch Denzel

2) J.T. Barrett drops in a dime to Johnnie Dixon for a 38-yard score

Dixon takes it to the house

3) Sam Hubbard slams the entire Penn State backfield for an 8-yard loss

Hubbard hulk-smashes two players

4) 817 Y-Seam Look Back

Baugh's biggest moment yet


#BeastMode Berry

Now it's your turn to vote below for this week's Top Play, which will then face-off against the biggest moments from the Buckeyes' visit to Iowa City this Saturday:

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