The 11W Top Play Poll: Week 7 - Nebraska

By Kyle Jones on October 17, 2017 at 5:00 pm
Will Rashod Berry hold the top spot for the fourth straight week?

Can anyone stop Rashod Berry?

The former hoops standout turned defensive end turned tight end continues to impress in his first year in the Buckeye offense. After announcing his arrival on the scene with a ground-shaking catch-and-run around, through, and over the entire UNLV defense on his way to the end zone in week four, the Lorain native continues to see more playing time with the first team.

Though his touchdown catch in the second half against the Cornhuskers last weekend didn't make the cut for this week's Top Play poll, his lead block for J.K. Dobbins may be what finally dethrones his dominant performance against the Rebels atop this venerable mountaintop. As always, though, his teammates haven't made it easy for him to stay on top. Onto this week's nominees:

1) J.K. Dobbins drops a big stiff-arm en route to a 52-yard TD

Dobbins takes it 52 yards to the house

2) Terry McLaurin hauls in a 31-yard dime from J.T. Barrett

Barrett throws a bomb

3) Jerome Baker blows up the screen to Mikale Wilbon

Baker blows up Wilbon

4) Jordan Fuller saves a touchdown with a shoestring tackle

Fuller saves the TD

The Reigning Champ: Rashod Berry goes #BeastMode through the UNLV defense

#BeastMode Berry

Now it's your turn to vote below for this week's Top Play, which will then face-off against the biggest moments from the season-defining contest with Penn State in two weeks:

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