Tyvis Powell and Darron Lee, Two Ohio State Twitter Heavyweights, Announce Sabbaticals

By D.J. Byrnes on January 23, 2015 at 1:00 pm
Two Twitter Kingpins

UPDATE (1:41 P.M.): BTN's Taylor Rooks reached out to Tyvis Powell for the reasoning behind the semi-retirement:

Well, the off-season just got real, y'all. While this isn't on the level of Carlos Hyde being accused of punching a woman in a seedy downtown bar, it's about as bad of news that's likely to come from the most likable team in Ohio State's history:

Darron Lee and Tyvis Powell are retiring from Twitter until after spring ball.

Yes, just two days after running a legendary tag-team effort on the Heisman finalists, Lee and Powell (for reasons truly unknown) have announced they are retiring their Twitter accounts until after spring ball:

Lee and Powell are too of Ohio State's best Tweeters, and as an avid fan of their work, it's hard for me to express how disappointed I am about this news. Alas, such are the breaks of the game.

Lee and Powell both maintain Instagram accounts, so maybe the show will continue over there. 

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