Roby Sentenced to Driver Intervention Program

By Kyle Rowland on April 29, 2014 at 10:51 am

Bradley Roby pleaded guilty to physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol Tuesday in Franklin County Municipal Court. The charge was amended from operating a vehicle while intoxicated, according to court records.

Roby was stopped April 20 in downtown Columbus after officers found him passed out behind the wheel.

Roby was sentenced to 180 days in jail, which was suspended on conditions that he take a three-day driver intervention program. He also was fined $375 plus court costs.

Roby's agent, Michael Perrett of SportsTrust Advisors, released the following statement to Eleven Warriors on Tuesday:

Though my client, Bradley Roby, maintains his innocence and feels he would have been completely exonerated had he taken this matter to trial, Bradley has accepted the prosecutor’s offer of a reduced charge to “physical control” to bring closure and finality to this situation ahead of next week’s NFL draft. A “physical control” citation is a non-moving violation that will not result in any points being added to his driving record and there will be no license suspension. Bradley is scheduled to complete a three-day alcohol educational class this week which will effectively terminate the case. This plea was accepted by the judge and entered into the record today. Bradley is very focused and is excited about starting his NFL career.

Roby was arrested after a 911 caller indicated a Dodge Charger drove up on the sidewalk, narrowly missing a group of kids. The caller then said the driver, in a car with Georgia license plates, was passed out.

Roby failed a field sobriety test. But a Breathalyzer test revealed Roby’s BAC was well under Ohio’s legal limit of .08. Urine test results are due in a few weeks.

Prosecutors said the plea agreement prevents the city from pursuing additional charges related to the urine test results. 

Roby is projected as a first-round NFL draft pick. 

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