Shazier Shines in Limited Time at Pro Day; Other Buckeyes Satisfied With Performances

By Kyle Rowland on March 7, 2014 at 1:46 pm

Ohio State held its annual NFL Pro Day on Friday at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center with 17 former Buckeyes taking part in the festivities. The group left the facility they’ve called home for so many years happy, but also filled with information on what to sharpen.

All 32 NFL franchises had personnel present, as did the CFL’s B.C. Lions. Urban Meyer, Chip Kelly and Tom Herman were chatting for a lengthy time.

Among the big winners was linebacker Ryan Shazier, who ran a sub 4.4 40. However, Shazier came up lame after the dash with a slight hamstring injury.

“It feels like a blown tire,” he said.

That limited Shazier’s activities in later drills. Still, he was thrilled to put such a solid time out for front office personnel.

Shazier said he feels he’s solidified his status as a first-round draft pick. He weighed in at 237 pounds and thinks he could even add another 10. For Shazier, the concerns are minimal. From the Combine to Pro Day, he’s proud of the work he’s put in.


  • Marcus Hall said he definitely made a mistake at Michigan, but said he’s trying to turn a negative into his positive. He and his agent are actually trying to trademark photos and collect royalties because the image is his likeness.
  • So far, he said he’s turned down a lot of offers relating to it.
  • Hall said he turned down a lot of deals related to Michigan incident. He said he got caught up in the moment. When he talks to NFL personnel, he said he doesn’t give some sob story; he owns up to the mistake.
  • Hall currently weighs 313 with 21 percent body fat. At his peak, he said he was 330 with 25 percent body fat.
  • Philly Brown said he ran a 4.4 40, which was faster than his Combine time. He was satisfied with the time and his route running. Coming off his Combine performance, Brown thought Pro Day acted as an exclamation point.
  • Selling himself to the league, Brown said his leadership is a major plus. He’s embraced the moment and is now living out something he’s dreamed of since he was nine. “It’s a dream come true,” Brown said.
  • In a meeting with the Miami Dolphins last night, Brown was asked who he’d bring with him. His answer was Kenny Guiton. Brown raved about his former teammate and said he would make an NFL roster. “All he needs is a chance,” Brown said.
  • Guiton was decent, but not spectacular. He said he was excited to showcase his throwing since he’s lacking game film. Guiton said he felt like he had something to prove and performed well.
  • He said there’s added pressure, but then again, not so much. Guiton said guys like Johnny Manziel have to be perfect.
  • Everyone could always have some throws back, and Guiton was no different. He referenced Matt Cassel when talking about a potential career.
  • Guiton indicated he has a workout scheduled with the Patriots. He’s trained in Florida and will do so in the future.
  • On Brown’s comments, Guiton said he was honored to hear what his receiver said.
  • Christian Bryant said he’s putting his senior season behind him and not dwelling on it. At some point, he’ll learn that it happened for a reason.
  • Bryant did not take part in any drills. He’s not yet 100 percent, but said he is pain free. The biggest thing right now is he needs to add strength to his ankle.
  • His current activities include rehabbing and working out. Bryant said he’s trying to start/stay in a groove.
  • Once his football career ends, Bryant said he wants to work at Ohio State in some capacity.
  • Former Ohio State running back Jamaal Berry, who transferred to Murray State, was slated to participate, but couldn’t due to NFL rules. He was very disappointed and said he’s going to try to participate in South Florida or at a regional combine.
  • His transfer was a huge growing up process, Berry said. He’s grateful that it happened.
  • Berry said he’s versatile and think he can provide something to an NFL team.
  • When he graduated in December, Berry said he spoke to Jim Tressel and thanked him for everything he did for him, giving him an opportunity at Ohio State.
  • Pitt Brown was happy with his performance in position drills, but said he’s not a great tester. He said his goal was to show his ability and compete.
  • Any opportunity that arises is what he wants. Brown wants to get into a camp and prove himself.
  • Brown ran a 4.5-4.6 40. He’s up to 208 now, with noticeable added muscle.
  • Brown was a criminal justice major. I asked him what’s more scary – chasing a robber or staring down a good wide receiver. He said the latter.
  • Andrew Norwell was disappointed he wasn’t invited to the Combine. But he’s stayed determined and felt like he performed well on Friday.
  • The process has been enjoying, Norwell said. He’s proving his flexibility and said it should help in the NFL. Game film also speaks for itself. Norwell said work ethic is a big plus when being interviewed.
  • Norwell said the Big Ten and Ohio State prepared him for what he’s experiencing now and in the future.
  • Jack Mewhort said he had a good day and felt more comfortable in Columbus as opposed to Indianapolis.
  • Like other linemen, Mewhort believes his versatility and ability to play different positions will be a major plus. He was even playing center Friday, a position he hasn’t played in a game since high school. If need be, Mewhort said he can play at center in the NFL.
  • Mewhort said being able to run drills with the three other senior offensive linemen one last time was special.
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