Ohio State Commit Darrion Henry Doesn't Believe Ohio State–Michigan is Even a Rivalry Anymore

By 11W Staff on August 13, 2019 at 7:22 pm
Darrion Henry doesn't think this is rivalry anymore.

Ohio State's dominated Michigan for nearly two decades, and that's apparently been long enough for The Game to lose some of its luster, at least in the eyes of the dominators.

The Game has been so lopsided of late that Buckeye defensive tackle commit Darrion Henry isn't sure it should even be called a rivalry anymore – and he doesn't see that changing anytime soon.

“I don’t even think that’s a rivalry anymore to be honest with you,” Henry told Bill Kurelic of Bucknuts. “But I think for the rest of this decade Ohio State is going to keep beating them. It will be electrifying. Just a great atmosphere really.”

While many would undoubtably like to see him respect the rivalry and the tradition – the reality is that from Henry's perspective, it might actually be true.

Michigan has beaten Ohio State just twice in Henry's lifetime, and the only Buckeye loss that he is old enough to remember came during the 2011 season with an interim head coach Luke Fickell at the helm.

Henry may think The Game has lost its luster, but his comments are sure to add even more fire to an already spicy rivalry, adding to quite a collection of trash talk from future Buckeyes about the rivals to the north.

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