The Hurry Up: Few More Thoughts on Gary, Hall Visits Maryland, Ford and Hamlin Talking Package Deal and More

By Jeremy Birmingham on June 28, 2015 at 7:45 pm
Damar Hamlin
Damar Hamlin

The Hurry Up is your nightcap of Ohio State recruiting news, catching you up on the day’s event with an ear on the ground for what’s next.


On Thursday night I gave a bit of a rundown on the visit that Rashan Gary, the nation's top-ranked prospect overall, made to Columbus.

The Buckeyes were, from what I was told, pretty happy with how the visit went overall. As I noted Thursday, Larry Johnson, Sr. was with Gary and his mother the entire day and that night Rashan spent the evening with a number of players and coaches at dinner and his mother had dinner with some of the Ohio State parents. Going into the visit, the Buckeyes felt Gary was a bit of a long-shot and despite being happy with how things went, that was the general feeling coming out of the visit as well.

From Columbus, he and his mother headed to Ann Arbor and at that point the rumor mill went into overdrive.

Gary's mother, from what I understand, is the driving force in his recruitment and it appears that she remains less-than-convinced by what Ohio State is able to provide for her son. Why? I don't know, and am not likely to. What I do know is that the Buckeyes feel that Rashan himself likes the situation in Columbus but until/unless mom gets on board, it won't matter. 

If Gary returns to Ohio State for Friday Night Lights then we'll see if things change, but right now mom isn't sold and the Buckeyes are playing from behind.


Staying with the "bad news along the defensive line" theme, Ohio State commitment Terrell Hall made a visit to Maryland this weekend. 

In the past, Hall has been very adamant that he felt little "love" from the Terrapins so the decision to visit there now, two days before the next recruiting dead period, is interesting. It was a big recruiting weekend for Maryland and getting Hall, the nation's 10th-ranked defensive end, on campus was vital. In fact, Maryland defensive line coach Chad Wilt essentially "subtweeted" Hall, which the defensive end retweeted.

So what's up? Recruiting, man, that's what's up. Ohio State isn't going to be able to coast to February with any of their commitments, and especially not with players that live so far from Columbus. The Buckeyes haven't had Hall on campus since March and getting him back into town for Friday Night Lights – and maybe with teammate Aaron Hansford – is important. There's been no taking it easy, Hall continues to get the royal treatment from Ohio State and isn't being taken for granted by the coaching staff, especially Larry Johnson, Sr., who he's incredibly close with.

For what it's worth, while the Buckeyes are content with one linebacker in 2016, I was recently told that if another one ends up in the class it's as likely to be Hansford as anyone. He's deciding sometime this fall and were he to commit to Ohio State at some point it certainly wouldn't hurt in the battle to keep Hall on the ledger.


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: package deals rarely work out that way. If players are discussing it publicly, it's usually worth a mention but at the end of the day every prospect makes the decision that's best for them personally.

Still, there are times when it makes sense and one of those emerging package deals was discussed this weekend on social media.

That is Pittsburgh 2017 defensive back Paris Ford talking about he and 2016 Pittsburgh defensive back Damar Hamlin going to the same college. Each has an offer from Ohio State, and many believe that the Buckeyes are in the driver's seat for Hamlin and Ford, so in this particular case there might be something worth paying attention to.


I had a chance to talk to Emmanuel Greene briefly today. Greene is still in Columbus and told me he's really enjoyed his visit so far. He's spent most of his time hanging out with Ohio State players that are in town and seeing the sights around town with his family. As expected, there has been very little time with the Buckeye coaching staff as they're on vacation.

Greene had told me leading up to the visit that he expected to make a decision between Ohio State and Miami shortly after he returns to Florida but after talking today I am not sure that will happen. Greene said the recruiting process has gotten a bit more difficult of late and that's expected; he's trying to make the biggest decision of his young life, and he may need more time to figure things out.

The country's 72nd-ranked player in the 2017 class also told me that the Buckeyes remain at the top of his list. Long story short? I don't expect the commitment to happen right now. We'll see if he gains clarity in his last few days in Columbus but as of today it seems unlikely.

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